Why Kim Kardashian is more disappointed than anyone that Kanye West and Julia Fox broke up

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Julia Fox
Kanye West and Julia Fox broke up and then, Kim Kardashian’s privacy was violated. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/AdMedia/ImagePressAgency

It’s not really surprising that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West couldn’t split up without a bit of drama. After all, Kanye does grandiose really well. Whether it’s his stadium-sized proposal, Kim and Kanye’s ridiculously over-the-top wedding in 2014, or the present day, as Kim tries to move on from her marriage and peacefully co-parent her four children with the controversial rapper. 

After calling it quits in 2021 and even filing for divorce, Kim Kardashian fueled reconciliation rumors as she was spotted quite a few times with Kanye as she helped to promote his first Donda album. The two seemed very amicable but it seems that their peace was contingent on Kim being in Kanye’s corner. 

Everything changed in October 2021 when Kim hosted Saturday Night Live. At the time, she and Kanye were still on good terms. So much so that he even went with her to SNL rehearsals and supported her appearance on the long-running sketch comedy show. 

But something happened during her SNL stint that neither Kim nor Kanye could have seen coming and it changed everything.

Kim Kardashian started dating SNL star Pete Davidson and Kanye West couldn’t handle it 

Soon after kissing Pete Davidson for an SNL Aladdin sketch, the pair were spotted holding hands at an amusement park and Kim’s relationship with Kanye has quickly deteriorated from there. 

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian on Saturday Night Live
Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian share a kiss on Saturday Night Live. Pic credit: NBC

Even back then, Kanye was rumored to be dating a slew of women following his split from Kim including Irina Shayk and Instagram influencer Vinetria. None of that seemed to bother Kim, who still stood by his side and supported him in his recent projects. 

But Kim’s romance with Pete Davidson seems to have sparked something in Kanye, whether it’s insecurity, ego, or something else entirely. Ever since, Kanye has been begging and even demanding that Kim run back to him because suddenly, after months of dating models and influencers in as public of a way as possible, he has decided that he must put his family back together and he won’t take no for an answer. 

For the entire month of January, Kanye made headline after headline as he globe-trotted and flaunted his new girlfriend, Uncut Gems actress and New York socialite, Julia Fox. They went to Paris Fashion Week together, recreated many of Kim and Kanye’s iconic looks and even received a bit of criticism for that tongue-touching kiss that Kanye had done with both Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose in the past. 

Kanye made sure to one-up Drake, gifting Julia and her friends with Baby Birkins right after headlines revealed that Julia had been gifted a couple of the same expensive bags by the God’s Plan rapper, even though Julia denied that they really ever dated. 

Kanye West and Julia Fox seemed enamored with each other, spending much of their time together as they jetted off to new and exciting locales. 

Things seemed to be going great between Kanye and Julia until they weren’t. After Kanye was spotted out with a Kim Kardashian lookalike named Chaney Jones, Julia denied they broke up, citing that their love had transcended normal relationships and that they were open, as she didn’t want to hold him back. 

It didn’t take long for Julia Fox to finally admit that she and Kanye were done dating. Literally, just a couple of days after the Chaney spotting and after Kanye started some very worrisome ranting on Instagram about getting his wife back, wanting to fix his family, and a string of constant insults aimed at her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. 

Kanye is so obsessed with making sure Kim doesn’t move on that he was even spotted at the Super Bowl between Antonio Brown and his two oldest children while posting even more Pete Davidson slander on Instagram. He couldn’t even just sit down and enjoy the game. 

And in true Kanye fashion, he’ll share several concerning posts before deleting them all and starting the whole process over again. 

Julia Fox and Kanye West in better times. Pic credit: Backgrid

Since his very public romance with Julia Fox started to crumble, Kanye’s rants have become more prolific and more alarming, to the point where he’s even shared personal text messages between himself and Kim Kardashian where she has asked him to stop asking his fans to hurt Pete Davidson as she’s worried something bad will happen to him and if it does, it’ll be all Kanye’s fault. 

Kanye, for what it’s worth, has called off his fans, suggesting that he’ll handle the situation himself but through it all, he still remains disrespectful and refers to Kim’s new man as “Skete,” which is surely an effort to get under the SNL star’s skin. 

The controversial rapper has taken so many digs at Pete now that it’s hard to keep track of them all. He’s even tried to get in the way of Pete’s job at SNL by offering to double Michael Che’s pay if he’ll just refuse to work with Pete. 

Kanye West has moved on from Julia Fox and it’s not a good thing

Where Kanye West gets the energy to keep insulting and harassing Kim and Pete is anyone’s guess but just trying to keep up with it all is exhausting. 

Kim has already moved on at this point, especially after Kanye has repeatedly put her personal business on blast and offended her boyfriend, her family, and even Tracy Romulus, the chief marketing officer for KKW Brands.

With Julia Fox firmly out of the picture, we can only expect Kanye’s behavior to get worse, not better as he doesn’t seem to have found anyone else who can keep his attention away from Kim, even if only for a month or two. 

Now, Julia is admitting that Kanye wanted her to publicize their romance as much as possible, most likely in an attempt to make Kim Kardashian jealous. That clearly backfired as Kim didn’t seem to mind Kanye galavanting across the globe with Julia. In fact, she seemed pretty relieved that he was leaving her alone, even if just for a little while.

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