Kim Kardashian, Kanye West reportedly held hands at Donda Event

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce earlier this year but has reportedly maintained a friendship with estranged husband Kanye. Pic credit: ©

Kim Kardashian attended Kanye’s Donda event in a Balenciaga wedding gown during a star-studded affair.

While some viewers assumed they were re-creating their wedding, others thought the estranged couple might be getting back together.

Furthermore, a report emerged claiming Kim and Kanye left the Donda event holding hands.

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Kanye held the third Donda event in Chicago as he continued to tease the release of his upcoming tenth studio album of the same name.

The album is reportedly a tribute to his late mother, Dr. Donda West.

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce earlier this year in February after seven years of marriage.

However, the split appeared amicable as Kim continued promoting Kanye’s Yeezy branded clothes, and Kanye continues following her on his Instagram account.

The former couple has four children together, and Kanye reportedly had a brief romance with supermodel Irina Shayk following separation from Kim.

Kanye has performed several publicity stunts in the promotion of his upcoming album. First, the Billionaire rapper and fashion designer courted controversy by inviting Dababy and Marilyn Manson on stage during the Donda event.

Kanye and Kim reportedly held hands

According to Page Six, the Stronger rapper was spotted leaving the event holding hands with Kim Kardashian.

This reported public display of affection has sparked rumors of a potential reconciliation.

Kim Kardashian walked out in a wedding dress during the final song in the album No Child Left Behind.

Page Six also reports that Kim’s appearance was not a recreation of their wedding; rather, Kanye reportedly requested her presence for performance art.

“They’ve always supported each other’s endeavors and have always collaborated and will continue to do so,” a source told Page Six. “Kim was happy to do it and will always support Kanye.”

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star wore a Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy designed dress to her wedding while she wore a Balenciaga dress to the Donda event.

Are Kim and Kanye getting back together?

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According to E! News sources Kim and Kanye are good friends but are not reconciling.

 “The wedding dress was symbolic of their relationship and for the song. It was not a vow renewal. There is still so much love between the two, but they aren’t reconciling,” a source tells E! News.

The publication claims that the tension from their separation earlier this year has subsided, and their four children were in attendance to watch the intimate moment.

Kanye was scheduled to release Donda in July, but it has been pushed back several times and is expected to be released next week.

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