Kanye West and Julia Fox hit up Paris Fashion Week in matching black leather

Julia Fox poses for photos at A24’s Uncut Gems LA Premiere at The Dome, December 2019.
Julia Fox at A24’s Uncut Gems Los Angeles Premiere held at The Dome at Arclight Hollywood. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Julia Fox and Kanye West have only been dating since New Year’s Eve, but they’ve been attending several events together, giving plenty of things for fans to talk about.

From matching denim outfits to matching leather and intense stares, many fans believe this could be a couple that stays together given their apparent natural chemistry and eyes for fashion.

Julia Fox and Kanye West’s matching leather fits

Amid rumors that Julia Fox is only dating Kanye West for his money, the couple donned matching black leather outfits for Paris Fashion Week. Many fans say the outfits remind them of looks from The Matrix.

Fox is seen wearing a full-length cone-bra-inspired black leather jacket with a zippered front, along with black leather leggings and gloves. Fox’s outfit is tied together with thigh-high leather boots featuring trompe l’oeil toes, dramatic eye makeup, and oversized gold earrings with a matching gold bag.

Kanye West’s look features a moto-style jacket, leather pants, large leather boots, black gloves, and a matching balaclava.

Julia Fox posted several photos of their outfit on her Instagram story with Kanye’s song Fade playing in the background.

While many fans think their matching outfits look good and fit into Julia Fox’s aesthetic, other fans are concerned that Kanye West may be taking more control over Fox as their relationship progresses.

On the other hand, many fans think that Ye is making Fox look better as he has changed her wardrobe and is dressing her much like he dressed Kim Kardashian.

Is Kanye West giving Julia Fox the Kim Kardashian treatment?

At least one source says yes.

Page Six reports that a Kardashian source is positive that West is treating Fox the same way he did Kim. They claim that “he’s controlling what she wore — making sure she appears as the set image that he has in his mind.”

While Fox has said she’s happy with her new wardrobe and new life, many fans recall Kim Kardashian saying that Kanye made her cry when he threw out almost all of her clothes.

Alongside the claims that Kanye West is controlling Julia Fox, there are additional claims revolving around Fox potentially using West for his money.

In the past, a source claims that Fox was into older wealthy men who could support her and take care of her.

In 2018, Fox admitted she was in a “daddy phase” where she dated older men but has recently advised that she is more concerned with her own work and art and is not dating Kanye West for his money.

Fans are still speculating over her interest in his wealth and the claims that he could be controlling Fox, but as far as what the couple has confirmed, they’re happy with their connection and romance and it seems very natural.

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