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Sister Wives fans weigh in on season finale preview

The Brown Family of Sister Wives
Fans of Sister Wives had some advice for Kody’s wives after watching a preview for the season finale. Pic credit: TLC

TLC shared a preview clip for the season finale of Sister Wives and fans had some advice for Kody’s four wives.

Janelle opens the clip by saying, “We’ve spent our whole life trying to build a one-family culture. This could tear that apart.”

Christine, who admitted to a “rough” few years with Kody, told her cell phone camera from her car that she wants to move back to Utah.

Kody, who said he’s been “spoiled” with all the kids he has, told cameras from the confessional couch, “I am in polygamy hell. I can’t take it anymore.”

Meri, who is slowly returning to social media, told the confessional camera, “It’s falling apart,” as she got emotional.”

In the next scene, Meri had her arm around Christine, who was heard saying, “I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore,” while crying.

She said again, “I don’t want to do it anymore.”

This season’s struggles have been hard to watch

This season has seen the Brown family fall apart more than ever. The polygamist quintet has faced a monumental breakdown in their communication, and the pandemic has magnified it.

Viewers have watched as Kody and Meri’s marriage continued to dissolve and it was hard for many to watch.

Janelle has tried to bring the family back together, only to be met with roadblocks along the way.

She also took some heat from Kody for her view on quarantining during the pandemic and for her parenting choices.

Christine has been more outspoken this season and has voiced her desire to move back to Utah more than once, revealed how she doesn’t feel heard or feel equal to Kody, and griped about Kody not showering at her house years ago.

Robyn seems to have the least amount of drama in her life. The biggest challenge she’s faced this season is whether or not to have more babies with Kody.

Kody has been the most outspoken fans have ever seen him this season. He has gone on Twitter rants, calling out trolls (and his wives), and spilling the tea on his estranged marriage to Meri.

Sister Wives fans who watched the preview had some suggestions for the family

One fan commented, “I have no sympathy for Kody. Meri & Christine need to walk away. If Janelle wants to share Kody with Robyn, let her.”

Another fan agreed with them, saying, “I agree Cody uprooted this family from Vegas when they all seemed happy there even the kids. They were all settled in and then he comes up with bright idea.”

They continued, “Now they are all miserable and to this day nothing has been built. No construction of any homes. He’s a loser and these ladies should move on.”

Sister Wives fans comment.
Fans didn’t have sympathy for Kody and blamed him for tearing apart the family. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

Some fans thought that Janelle is in the plural marriage because she has “the strongest family unit” that keeps Kody coming back and said that Janelle and Robyn are the only wives of the four who are content.

Comments from Instagram's Sister Wives season finale sneak peek.
One fan had a theory as to why Janelle stays with the family. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

One fan commented, “You know it’s deep if Christine is crying on Meri’s shoulder”

Another felt like once Meri and Kody divorced, it was over.

Sister Wives fans give advice.
Fans had more opinions about Kody’s wives. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

Kody has earned himself some new enemies this year, on and off-screen, most notably on Twitter, with his “Coronapocalypse” tweets and his verbal attacks on his wives, especially Meri.

Kody admitted that he’s been “angry” in his interviews this season, and claimed that there are no victims within their plural marriage.

Fans of the show have many unresolved questions that they’re hoping the season finale will answer. They can tune in this Sunday for the two-hour long season finale and one last drama-filled episode with the Browns.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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