Sister Wives’ Kody Brown dishes on his estranged marriage to Meri

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody divulges his relationship status with first wife, Meri. Pic credit: TLC

It’s no surprise to fans of the show, Sister Wives, that Kody and Meri’s marriage has been troubled for years now, with many speculating that they’ve separated. So, are they still together?

Kody revealed in a recent interview that he and Meri are “literally separated” and have been for about four or five years. He told Entertainment Tonight’s news correspondent, Deidre Behar, that he and Meri are in an amicable relationship. He doesn’t stay or live at Meri’s house, but says Meri is still his wife.

Although separated, he stated that they aren’t mad, angry, or hurt anymore. When asked if he ever stays the night at Meri’s house apart from living there, Kody quickly and confidently responded, “Nope.”

Kody elaborated that they see and visit each other regularly. It appears that the couple has a business-type relationship, not a marriage.

They’ve been trying to work on their relationship so they can save it.

Kody bluntly stated, “it’s an estranged marriage… it’s a marriage that needs to work out some stuff.” This contradicted what Meri told the same Entertainment Tonight correspondent, claiming that they’ve been together since the beginning.

Meri seems to always be promoting the image that she and Kody have been together from the start, both shocking and angering fans in the process. Many of Meri’s Instagram posts seem to have cryptic, vague undertones that appear to misalign with the idea she and Kody are still together.

There have been plenty of reasons over the years as to why Kody and Meri are estranged.

Probably the biggest reason their marriage has been on the rocks is Meri’s catfish scandal in 2015 that shocked the family. By all accounts, it seemed that Meri was simply lonely and craving affection, which she wasn’t getting from her husband, Kody.

Another reason contributing to Kody and Meri’s parting is the couple’s difficulty conceiving children. Meri gave birth to the duo’s only child, Mariah, in 1995.

It was hard for Meri to watch her sister wives have babies with Kody one after another while she struggled to get pregnant. Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn, even offered to be a surrogate for Meri so she could have more biological children. Meri ultimately rejected Robyn’s offer.

Further alienating the twosome was Meri’s business ventures. She opened Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in 2017 in the state of Utah and currently has a seemingly successful LuLaRoe business. Meri seemed to have put work at the forefront of her priorities, rather than her marriage to Kody.

Meri was seen in the season 15 trailer asking Kody, “So if I were to lean over and kiss you right now, would you push me away?” It was uncomfortable to watch Kody reply uneasily, “Umm, no.” It was apparent that their marriage is still very much broken.

Further complicating his and Meri’s relationship, Kody is unsure about more kids, but there will never be a fifth wife

When asked about plans to expand the family, Kody said, “We are not adding wives and most likely not ever adding children, but adoption is not out of the realm here. I hope it’s not a spoiler, but I don’t think I’m having any more kids. There will never be a fifth wife!”

Asked what moment he wished wasn’t filmed, Kody elaborated on an episode a couple of years ago that showed him and Meri leaving Flagstaff to visit their longtime marriage counselor in Las Vegas. Kody admits he was triggered during filming and was “a brute” to Meri in their session.

It’s uncertain if they’ll work through their issues and reunite, but Kody and Meri’s accounts of their marriage continually contradict each other’s and most fans would agree their marriage is beyond repair.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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