Sister Wives discuss rumors of a fifth wife and more kids

Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown from Sister Wives
Will the Sister Wives be welcoming a fifth wife? Pic credit: TLC

With all this chatter about monogamy on Sister Wives, there is another rumor that the Brown family is dealing with, that Kody may be interested in taking a fifth wife.

As Season 15 has just started to air, it seems that the Brown family is dealing with quite a few rumors that just won’t seem to go away. So when they sit down with Entertainment Tonight to promote the new season, one of the things that comes up is whether or not their family will be expanding.

The correspondent begins by asking each of the women, on video chat individually from their own homes, what their relationship is like with Kody at the moment, as well as the relationships with their sister wives.

Sister Wives open up about relationship with Kody Brown

Janelle admits that she and Kody definitely have faced challenges this year due to COVID-19, because of limited time together.

After having time to re-evaluate their relationship, Janelle realized that she still does like Kody and still wants him around after nearly 30 years of marriage.

She claims that she values her relationships with her sister wives more as time passes.

Meri claims that she’s been with Kody since the beginning and hasn’t gone anywhere. This completely contradicts Kody on Sunday’s episode, saying, “If Meri and I really wanted to be together, we would.”

Meri doesn’t mention anything about relationships with her sister wives. Her interview isn’t very convincing. She says, “Things aren’t always better but they always get better,” without time for responses from Christine and Robyn about their current relationships with their shared husband.

Is there room for a fifth wife?

“Are there plans to expand the family?” the women were asked. And given the big one-house drama and Kody’s recent comments about plural marriage, their answers were a little bit of a surprise.

Initially, the question was met with laughter from all four women. Then, Robyn explains that their religion, a Mormon fundamentalist group, teaches them to have as many children as possible and that they pray about the possibility of more children every day.

Robyn refuses to elaborate as to whether she’ll birth more of Kody’s children.

But if Robyn is done having children with Kody and the other wives seem to be too, then that would mean that he would need to marry again in order to continue adding children to their family. Is that something he would even consider at this point?

So when the women were asked about the rumors of a fifth wife, Meri responded, “Yeah, they’ve been talking about that since basically season one.”

As the other wives laughed, Meri clarified, “And when I say ‘they,’ it’s super fans, it’s haters, it’s tabloids like the bad tabloids. It’s…just… that’s what they’ve been talking about for a long time but I don’t know about you ladies but I don’t see it happening.”

For years, there have been rumors that a fifth wife may be joining the Sister Wives family. In fact, it was even teased on the TLC show when Meri brought up a woman that she thought was “cute” but Kody and the other wives all seemed in agreement that there was no room for another wife.

At one point, there were even reports about a woman named Leah that was said to be Kody’s new wife. But as new seasons of the series have come out, there has never been a fifth wife introduced.

It should come as no surprise to Sister Wives fans that the wives are not interested in the idea of bringing another woman into the mix.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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3 years ago

Christina Floyd…watch last weeks show before you publish old untrue news! Jeez!!!!!