Sister Wives’ Meri Brown proclaims love for Kody after fans have speculated for months that they’ve split

kody meri Sister Wives
Kody and Meri Brown were on Season 14 of Sister Wives. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Meri Brown has left many fans with their jaws on the floor as a result of her latest post.

This morning, she took to Instagram, posting a selfie of her and her husband Kody Brown. This post comes as a shock to her followers, as for months she has posted many quotes about starting over and moving on, and she has been seen in several instances without her wedding ring.

Meri shocks fans with Instagram post

In the post, Meri and Kody are seen smiling wide, close to each other, under a tree.

Meri commented, “Let’s just clarify something here. I love this man.”

She continued, obviously referencing all of the gossip surrounding rumors of their split, “I don’t owe anyone an explanation but I’ll do it anyway. I’m well aware that we, as a family, have chosen to put ourselves ‘out there’, which in turn, brings about all kinds of speculation, commentary and opinions.”

Things did not look good for Meri and Kody at the end of Season 14

Sister Wives fans were left thinking at the end of last season that Kody and Meri’s relationship had hit the end of its road. Their storyline focused heavily on couple’s therapy sessions with therapist Nancy Hunterton. In one session, Meri looked on while Kody said, “Meri morns the loss of what we had… I regret what we had.”

Even more shocking, in April, neither Meri nor Kody acknowledged their milestone 30-year wedding anniversary on social media or anywhere public. Meri was seen in a number of pictures and videos without her wedding ring.

She has also been posting frequent quotes about loss, renewal, and starting over. Although neither had made any public announcement about splitting up, fans were convinced they were done.

Meri clarified in her post that fans only get to see a small portion of their lives – what is portrayed in the series and what is cultivated for social media.

She wrote, “My relationship with him is MY relationship with him. Sure we’ve had ups and downs through the years (I mean, isn’t that somewhat normal?) High highs and low lows. All of which you get to see ‘some’ of, and speculate on.”

Meri also responded to many of her followers’ comments on the post, interacting far more than she typically does.

One follower wrote, “Shoot Meri, you just set the ‘has she left’ speculation industry back a whole week. Unfortunately, they will rebuild.”


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Meri responded, “You know me, always throwing a wrench in things!!”

The post itself garnered close to 6,000 comments by the afternoon and was liked over 50,000 times, notably by Ysabel Brown, but none of the other Brown family members who have social media account.

Kody has not yet made a public statement regarding Meri’s words.

Sister Wives is on hiatus at TLC

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