Sister Wives: Kody Brown calls Janelle ‘lazy’ over COVID-19 and slams comments about kids

Janelle and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown called wife Janelle “lazy” in a new preview for Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

In a new sneak peek for this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown called his wife Janelle “lazy” and slammed comments she made about COVID-19 and her kids.

In the episode, which was shot during quarantine last year, Kody and his four wives used video chat to communicate.

It was Kody’s scheduled time to spend with Janelle, so he was seated with her and the other three wives appeared on the screen.

Kody said to his wives, “We have to each decide, each household gets to decide, each mom gets to decide, all of you get to decide what you’re gonna do.”

On the confessional couch, Kody declared that he wanted “everybody to feel like they’ve got a choice,” which is a common sentiment Kody makes.

Kody said his wives were choosing whether or not they wanted a physical relationship with him during quarantine

He continued, “But what they’re literally doing is they’re choosing whether or not they’re going to have a relationship — a physical relationship — with me or not.”

The wives gave their opinions about keeping distance during quarantine

Robyn, who would like more kids with Kody, hinted at the importance of keeping their distance during quarantine when she confessed, “You can’t have a relationship if you’re not alive,” adding that it sounded “morbid, but that’s really what it boils down to.”

Christine was very straightforward during her turn on the confessional couch. She admitted, “I’m not going to follow the same rules that Robyn is following. We already made plans to go do stuff, and we’re going to go do stuff.”

Janelle, who sat next to Kody for the family video chat, told the other wives that she couldn’t “go all summer doing this” to which Kody said, “Cuz she doesn’t want to hear the facts.”

Kody accused Janelle of being ‘lazy’

Kody went off for his turn on the confessional couch when he continued, “She doesn’t want to hear it. Frankly, I think Janelle’s lazy about an ounce of prevention.”

Janelle, who recently shared a rare pic of husband Kody, continued to tell the other wives, “I just can’t. Soo… I mean, I can’t.”

Kody Brown and his wives Janelle ,Robyn, Christine and Meri of Sister Wives
Kody with his wives Janelle, Robyn, Christine and Meri. Pic credit: TLC

For her turn on the confessional, Janelle said, “I’m getting the impression Christine and I are kind of in the same boat. I can at least maybe try to make small alliances so that at least our kids can hang out this summer.”

Janelle admitted that her and Kody’s kids would rather hang out at Christine’s house than visit with their dad

Back on the conference call with the other wives, Janelle admitted that her kids were at the point where they would choose to hang out at Christine’s house rather than have their dad, Kody, come visit.

She looked at Kody and told him, “Sorry, that’s where they’re at.”

Kody and Janelle got into a bit of a Twitter squabble over her parenting decisions last month.

Robyn admitted to feeling awkward, being caught in between Kody and Janelle’s gripe. Christine found Janelle’s statements to be an “extreme compliment” and admitted that she wants to see Janelle’s kids “really badly.”

Christine, who wants to move back to Utah, continued to say that she would love to have Janelle’s kids come over to hang out, but not at the expense of not seeing their father.

The Brown Family of Sister Wives
The Brown Family. Pic credit: TLC

Janelle added that her kids were at a point where they said they couldn’t be away from the rest of the family.

Kody wasn’t done with Janelle just yet — he continued to tell her she’s ‘full of s**t’

Kody, back in his solo confessional, got irritated and plainly said, “I think Janelle is full of s**t.”

He continued, “And this is why she’s full of s**t. Because the kids aren’t seeing each other all the time anyway.”

Janelle said, “If he wants to throw the whole family under the bus, that’s fine,” as she looked away from the camera, visibly dismayed.

Kody referred to his and Janelle’s kids as ‘her children’ and told her to make a choice

Kody talked about his and Janelle’s kids as though they only belonged to her.

He said, “She doesn’t want me coming down hard on her children for their lack of observation of the coronavirus protocols,” then shook his head in disappointment.

Back on the conference call, Kody was very forward when he pointed his fingers at Janelle and told her, “You make your choice.”

Kody and Janelle Brown of Sister Wives
Kody pointed at Janelle as he told her to “Make your choice.” Pic credit: TLC

Kody told his wives that they weren’t going to dictate his choice

He then turned to his other three wives and told them, “My choice is going to be whatever I think is going to make it so I don’t live with a life of regret for some screwup in a three-month time period versus the 30 years of the rest of our lives.”

Christine was hopeful she and Janelle could “come to a conclusion” to let their kids hang out with each other. But she explained that would mean Kody wouldn’t be coming over to their houses.

Kody told his wives, “Everybody gets to make their choice, but I will be making mine, and to be honest with ya, nobody’s gonna dictate it to me.”

Meri had a turn on the confessional couch and reiterated that Kody told everyone to make their decisions while he makes his. Meri, who had a less-than-ideal 30th anniversary with Kody, wished the family had made a decision together, rather than everyone doing their own thing.

This season of Sister Wives has been more dramatic than any other

This has been quite a season for the Browns, and each of the five spouses has been more outspoken than ever. Kody even admitted that the family’s drama makes viewers “want to drink.”

Kody claimed that what viewers think of him is none of his business, and even admitted that their family is “not the world’s most functional family.”

As always, the large family with one husband, four wives, 18 kids and three grandkids never disappoints in the drama department.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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2 years ago

if you ask me cody is just insecure and wants to have free rides with all these women thinking nothing he is doing is wrong, what a pig…………….these women have feelings and he just dosn’t care