Sister Wives: Kody Brown says ‘all their drama’ makes people want to drink

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown thinks the drama between him and his four wives causes viewers to drink. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown has a lot to say lately, and he told his followers that all the drama on his show makes people want to drink.

He tweeted, “I just saw a vodka add on our show. All our drama makes people want to drink” followed by a googly-eyed emoji with its tongue sticking out.

When a fan tweeted, “Whiskey is better!”, Kody quoted and retweeted it and wrote, “But… the ads was for vodka! …with botanicals!”

Kody wasn’t lying about all of their drama

Kody was honest when he said that the show has drama, and that’s especially true of this season.

Fans have watched Kody’s marriage to his first wife, Meri crumble since her catfishing scandal in 2015. The couple, who wed in 1990 when Meri was still a teenager, have struggled since their early years together.

Most recently, viewers watched Kody reject Meri’s attempts at flirting and heard him tell cameras that he withholds romance and sex from Meri because they have no spark in their relationship.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Kody tweeted that the network aired vodka ads because his drama makes fans want to drink. Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

Sister Wives viewers have repeatedly voiced their concern for Kody’s mistreatment of Meri and this time was no exception.

Kody’s followers took what was meant to be a lighthearted post and turned it into an opportunity to throw shade at the father of 18.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Kody clarified his tweet about vodka. Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

One fan of the show thought Kody was a disappointment, religiously speaking.

They told him, “Oh Kody. You really are a disappointment to your God, your wives and your children. God please guide Meri to find happiness this man is unworthy of you.”

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Fans went off in Kody’s comments after he joked about drinking. Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

Another of Kody’s followers took their comment to the next level when they alleged that his wives feel abused.

“Your drama/crazy making makes people feel abused. And by people, I mean your wives.”

They continued, “You have put a couple of them in a no win situation. Get the dang log out of your own eye and find a therapist for just you. Make him/her watch the last couple of seasons first.”

One fan took a lighthearted approach and told Kody, “You and Meri are stressing us out!!!” followed by two crying-laughing emojis.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Kody and Meri’s drama stressed out some fans. Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

Kody’s relationship with Meri has crumbled before viewers’ eyes

Whether fans side with Kody or Meri, it’s been hard to watch their marriage dissolve this season. Kody has been outspoken more than in past seasons, and his outlook on polygamy has changed.

Meri tends to stay hush-hush publicly about the details of her marriage to Kody. She recently lost her beloved mother, Bonnie so it’s unclear if she’ll be motivated to make any changes in her life.

Meri insisted in this week’s episode that she wasn’t going anywhere, despite no effort on Kody’s part to rectify their marriage.

Kody doesn’t think people’s opinions of him are any of his business

Kody recently told his Twitter followers of the drama between him and Meri: “This isn’t a fight or a situation that people should takes sides or even give opinions. It is OUR problem.”

“We will work it out as WE should. This happens in marriage. So what you think of me is none of my business.”

Kody implied that he doesn’t care much what viewers think about him, but he’s engaged with trolls several times this season.

Last month, Kody told one fan to “grow up” after they implied he needed to face his issues with his wives rather than run from them.

When another follower told Kody that the community of Flagstaff “strongly dislikes” him, Kody fired back.

Fans of the show are in limbo as the fate of Kody and Meri’s relationship seems to be at a standstill.

Viewers will have to watch each week and see what else unfolds for the Brown family patriarch, his four wives, and 18 kids.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.