Christine Brown had a problem with Kody refusing to shower at her house, Kody says she ‘twists the past’

Christine and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Christine and Kody Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown is taking a lot of heat from her husband Kody Brown lately as he has been more outspoken about his true feelings. In a preview for this week’s upcoming episode, tensions rise over Christine and Kody’s past while the family was living under one roof in Utah.

Christine starts the clip by stating she’s “not doing it again,” referencing living in one house with the family. She makes a bold statement that her children’s needs aren’t being met and she is not backing down from her statements.

Christine details to sister wife Robyn how her home in Utah had a “back door entrance” and that Kody would “dump all of his stuff” at Meri’s or Janelle’s houses, but “never” settled at hers.

Christine claims that Kody never wanted to shower at her house

Christine fearlessly looked Robyn in the face, saying she told Kody, “When you marry Robyn, you’re going to shower at her house. I need you showering here.” Robyn looked dumbfounded and stared at Christine, not sure what to say, in an awkward moment.

Christine confessed on the couch that she does “everything she can” to make her home not only hers, but hers and Kody’s home together. According to Christine, Kody preferred Meri’s shower because it was “better,” to which Christine coldly replied, “I don’t care, because what you’re saying is I don’t matter.”

You can watch the clip here.

Robyn and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Robyn and Christine Brown of Sister Wives talk about Kody’s past showering habits. Pic credit: TLC

Christine claims Kody only showered at her house after Robyn told him to

Eventually, Kody did start showering at Christine’s house, but Christine theorizes it was because Robyn told him to, citing that she bugged Kody about it for years to no avail. Then when Robyn joined the family, Kody changed his showering habits. Christine was “really, really” bothered by the situation.

Cut to Meri’s confessional and we hear Kody’s first wife’s claims that she never heard Christine mention the shower ordeal before and said that she didn’t care where Kody showered.

Kody’s turn on the confessional couch revealed his perception of the situation. The plural husband stated that it’s not true that he never showered at Christine’s house; in fact, he claims he showered there “a lot.”

Kody’s explanation for the ordeal is logistical. He said he showered at Meri’s house because of his and Meri’s work schedules, and that he had breakfast with Christine every morning after showering at Meri’s, thinking it was a balanced routine.

Kody: Christine ‘twists past experiences’

Kody stated that Christine “twists past experiences” into negative ones. He then theorized that the reason she doesn’t want to live in one home is because of her “twisted” perception of their past.

Admittedly, Kody has been grumpier this season and on his Twitter account lately. He confessed to being honest and grumpy in a Tweet earlier this week.

Kody’s four wives have gotten increasingly more open and outspoken as well. Janelle, who typically avoids drama, called for a lunch meeting between the five spouses to discuss deep issues, such as why they’re in plural marriage in the first place. In a different preview clip, fans saw Janelle, who is typically resilient, crying about not being able to see Kody because of the pandemic.

Meri has never been one of Kody’s wives to shy away from confrontation. She and Kody have been separated for nearly five years and they can’t seem to overcome their relationship obstacles.

Christine has always been outspoken as well, but this season’s trailers give a glimpse of her losing her composure and wanting out of the marriage.

Robyn usually plays the role of the innocent third party between Kody and his other wives. But Robyn is no stranger to conflict, either. She and Kody had an ongoing disagreement about whether to buy or rent a home in Flagstaff. She wasn’t afraid to defend herself and stand against Kody’s ideas; but in the end, he got his way and they purchased a nearly $1 million home.

Christine’s tenacity may have jeopardized her marriage to Kody

Christine is surely putting her foot down for good this time, and it may cost Christine her marriage to Kody. Some fans speculate that Christine and Kody have already split, judging from their behavior on social media and in interviews.

Christine has been the only one of Kody’s four wives to forgo the spouses’ live Tweets on Sunday nights. She also had posted on Instagram last week that she was driving around looking at beautiful homes, sparking rumors that she is leaving Kody. Christine has also been quite vocal about her desire to move back to Utah.

With such a variety of intertwined, complicated issues among the super-sized family, viewers are in for another drama-filled season.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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