Christine Brown silent on Twitter for third week in a row while Kody and the other wives live-tweet

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown and three of his wives took to Twitter again this week to live Tweet during the premiere of the third episode this season of their show, Sister Wives.

Absent once again from the informative discussion, Christine Brown chose not to join the other spouses. This is the third week in a row that Kody’s third wife has been silent on Twitter while the rest of the spouses shared opinions and answered fan questions.

Christine hasn’t been active on her Twitter account since April 2020

Husband Kody had been using her old Twitter handle, and fans had to point it out to him.

Christine was, however, active on Instagram last week, posting that she had been driving around looking at houses, prompting fans to wonder if she is looking to move again. She has teased that she would like to move back to Utah in the show.

Christine is also the only of Kody’s four wives to staunchly disapprove of his one-house idea. The perpetual conversation has caused a huge tiff between Christine and Kody for a while now.

Christine has been transparent about wanting her autonomy and independence, and claims that living apart is much easier.

Christine Brown's Twitter page
Christine’s Twitter page has been inactive since April 2020. Pic credit: @SWChristine2020/Twitter

Another huge factor that has driven the family apart is the spouses’ inability to agree on lots on their property at Coyote Pass. On last night’s episode, the four wives were in agreement that now is the time to make a move on their property and start making plans to build homes at Coyote Pass.

Christine revealed that she sold her home in Las Vegas

The family had agreed that they would move forward with their Coyote Pass building plan once the last of the wives’ houses sold in Vegas. Kody reveals with a dejected tone that the family doesn’t have enough money to move forward yet, despite Christine revealing to the family that her home in Vegas has finally sold, for cash.

Christine’s house was the first one listed for sale in Las Vegas, but the last one to sell. She told Kody and the other wives that it sold for much less than she had hoped, but it was a cash offer, and considering how long it’s been listed, she accepted the offer immediately.

Second wife, Janelle explains that she and the rest of the wives are ready to get moving with building plans, but that Kody spreads himself too thin and has too many things going on at once, that he fizzles out easily and doesn’t finish what he starts. The other wives support Janelle’s sentiment, agreeing that Kody starts a lot of projects, but rarely sees them to completion.

The family’s housing plans are a main, ongoing topic of the show that fans are surely looking forward to seeing play out this season.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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