Why was Christine Brown silent on Twitter and will she be there this week?

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

While the rest of the Sister Wives quintet took to Twitter during the season premiere of their show last week, Christine Brown was curiously silent, leaving fans wondering why, and asking themselves if she’ll return this week.

Some fans noticed that Christine was the only one absent from social media. Kody Brown and his three other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, all commentated live on Twitter last week while their hit show, Sister Wives, debuted for its fifteenth season.

Christine has been vocal on Instagram

Interestingly, Christine hasn’t posted to her Twitter account since April 2020. She’s still very vocal on her Instagram account and sporadically posts on her Facebook page.

The four other plural spouses answered burning questions and provided insight on several topics during the show’s airing. Christine was the only wife that Kody personally called out during his Twitter rant.

Kody referred to Christine making comments that she feels like a single mother, telling her she gave him whiplash, claiming she has told him she has “always felt like a single mother! Always… from day 1!”

Responding to Christine’s aversion to the one-house idea, Kody publicly tweeted: “So…after all the discussion to find out why @rosecolored6 didn’t want to build “one big house”, I got very real. VERY CYNICAL. I’m very sad. No blame intended. I’m Just sad.”

A fan pointed out in one of Kody’s tweets that he was using the wrong Twitter handle for Christine. Some followers commented that his error showed how disengaged he is, and that it’s unhealthy to call out your wives on social media.

Kody Brown tags Christine Brown on Twitter
Christine was the only wife Kody tagged on Twitter during their show’s premiere. Pic credit: @realkodybrown / Twitter

It’s no surprise that Christine has struggled in her marriage to Kody recently. She was seen in the season 15 trailer saying that she still gets very jealous of the other wives and is the only wife who is staunchly averted to the one-house idea.

In a clip from the Sister Wives’ first look trailer, she claimed, “This whole thing is getting really frustrating, to be honest with you.”

She shocked Kody and the other three wives when she said she’s sure “everybody hates her” all the time. She told Robyn they don’t have to do anything together in the upcoming season’s trailer. In one of her confessional clips, Christine commented that she’s “always looking for a fight apparently.”

Christine highly values her personal space and autonomy

Christine has made it clear on more than one occasion that she prefers living alone. Since the family’s move from Utah to Las Vegas, NV and currently Flagstaff, AZ, each of the four wives have lived under separate roofs with their children.

Kody visits the wives on a rotating schedule. The pandemic has complicated that arrangement.

“I go to each of their houses every 3 or 6 days depending on 1 or 2 day stays,” Kody tweeted during the Valentine’s Day Season 15 premiere in response to a fan’s question.

Perhaps alluding to travel relating COVID-19, Christine says “he would rather me just stay home and we’re not”.

In a recent interview, Kody talked about Christine assuming that he doesn’t like her if he isn’t spending time at her house. He explains that the reason is actually that she “didn’t follow Covid protocols and so now we’re going to wait until the coast is clear basically.”

Had Christine already decided she wasn’t going to join the family and live Tweet? Or did Kody’s comments deter her? Kody posted that they’ll live tweet again next week, leaving fans to wait and wonder if Christine will join them.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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