Sister Wives’ Christine Brown has a good reason for wanting to live apart from the other wives

Christine Brown does not like the one house idea, yet wants to have a home close to the others. Finances might dictate otherwise. Pic credit: TLC
Christine Brown does not like the one house idea, yet wants to have a home close to the others. Finances might dictate otherwise. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives on TLC is showing the cracks and strain of familiarity breeding contempt among the women who call Kody Brown “husband.” Christine Brown especially. Gaining weight when placed in a “one house all family” deal was one of her reasons she says she prefers having her own home.

It makes her…fat?

Brown live-tweeted during the February 9 episode of Sister Wives and sort of shut down the chatter with this telling tweet: “Honestly, I’m a better Mom living separate[ly]…”

In the recent episode, the logistics of the one entrance and exit bothered Christine and the other wives.

Kody Brown wants the Sister Wives family in one house

Kody Brown wants his four of his wives — Christine, Meri, Janelle and Robyn Brown — and all the children under one roof — end of story.

There are financial reasons for this too but he plays it as this is the way it should be with him as head of the household.  Mind you, the women all have their work and business dealings, but they do not have final say, according to Kody.

In fact, the entire gist of this season has been to get to Flagstaff and consolidate debt and expenses with the one house idea being the fastest way to get financially stable.

But not all of the wives have been on board with the idea, especially Meri who is there but not really. Then there is Christine, 47, who seems to be set against sharing her home with the other wives.

Christine Brown’s tell-tale tweets

“I love my sister wives and I want to live next to them for the rest of my life,” Kody’s third wife shared in her tweet.

The living under one house routine made Christine comment on Twitter that she “stress ate SO MUCH” and preferred living in her own home:

In the recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody noted the privacy issues and the kitchen sharing issues were the problem areas.

Christine has six children with Kody and has struggled with being positive to Kody’s new house drawings that puts them all under one roof.

“The kids seem to have the hardest time moving to Flagstaff,” says Christine in the recent episode.  She also says the idea of a common door is not something she likes at all.

He irritates Robyn the most with is “my space” remarks about “his house”.

Not agreeing with Christine is grandmother Janelle, 50, who is dealing with a lot these days and who expressed concern that her family didn’t feel connected now that they all live in separate homes.

Yet she retweeted Christine’s tweet about separate houses:

But then she tweeted immediately after and said:


On past episodes, she expressed fears that their family felt disconnected and that she worried the splitting up of separate homes for each wife would fracture their arrangement.

Yet despite their different outlook on living arrangements, the two are close and Christine thanked Janelle for helping with the disastrous Vegas real estate market timing as their houses were listed during a downturn for sellers.

This season is testing the mettle of all the wives as they get older and are facing menopause, grandbabies and Kody, who is rumored to be looking for another wife.

And the houses that are still for sale, even though Robyn’s house is under contract after being on the market for two weeks. That fact set off Christine in a rant on the last episode of Sister Wives, as her house has been languishing on the market for over six months.

In the end, the common spaces and entrance and exit to this dream home Kody wants them to all live in seems to be a huge deal-breaker. “I think we should all have the right and freedom to leave, even Kody,” said Robyn is a prescient remark this most recent episode.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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