Sister Wives: Here’s what Kody Brown’s kids think about the One House idea

Sister Wives: Here's what Kody Brown's kids think about the One House idea
Mariah Brown has other concerns than the one house argument. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives is boiling down to who lives where in Flagstaff, Arizona. Here’s what Kody Brown’s many kids think about the One House idea.

The majority of the Brown children seem to be pro One House and genuinely enjoy each other’s company, but some side with the mothers who want some space and distance to have some privacy.

They want to recreate the similar life they had in Las Vegas, a compound of homes. In Arizona, it was presented to them by Kody that they could do this by building a single custom mansion on a privately owned piece of land.

That grand idea went over poorly.

But last week, timing and real estate markets were solidly against the Brown’s best-laid intentions.

Kody Brown expressed last week he was bitter, angry, put his face in a pillow and screamed bad words, angry that he could not bend his wives to his will.

He could not find a new rental, as Robyn and his large brood had an eviction notice of 60 days to comply with, and the heat was on. God was not delivering the rental Robyn was fervently praying for at all.

And last week, Robyn and Meri had to have a sit down to clear the air between them too, but fans who watch know that the inequities between the monies spent on Robyn’s huge brood with Kody (adopted and biological) are real.

Do not doubt that each wife calculates what family monies are spent where, and who gets the lion’s share.

Now Meri’s one daughter with Kody, Mariah, just released a teaser for tonight on how hard it was to come out as gay and reconcile with the Brown religion.

We already know Kody dropped a bundle in a huge house for Robyn and their kids, not a “One House” deal, but just her house.

Against her expressed will too, as she wanted to spend that money on a compound on the property out in Coyote Pass that has a mountain view.

The good news is that the wives and the kids seemingly are pro Flagstaff. The stunning scenery and milder climate than the usually scorching Las Vegas have won most if not all of them over.

The bad news is the idea of just having one home in Flagstaff, Arizona.

It appears up to now that all the wives liked the notion of their own home on just one property, like a compound, and refused to consider Kody’s one massive home for all of them, especially Christine.

The wives all have expressed that they want to build on the property on Coyote Pass, but they had no control as Kody bought Robyn a big house against her wishes.

Last week Robyn pined for her old life in Las Vegas and her home there. No one on the series feels settled, and even the kids want to get on the same page and have closer proximity to each other.

And with Robyn stubbornly waiting on God to deliver a real estate miracle, Kody saw red. The kids, however, were less enthused as Aurora had a panic meltdown.

What did Mariah have to say?

Out of the One House loop is Mariah Brown. Tonight is an emotional one, as Mariah Brown tearfully explains in the TLC teaser video that it is hard to be gay in a religious family.

Tonight, Mariah opens up about coming to terms with her sexuality after being raised in her religious home. She and all the moms share an emotional reflection about her lifestyle that they seemingly all have embraced with no issues.

The moms all love her to pieces, and you can tell it matters to Meri, who appreciates their support and unconditional love.

“God said, ‘You love, I judge,'” in words of encouragement from father Kody to Mariah.

The kids speak up about the house

Aurora Brown
Aurora had a panic attack as Robyn and Kody argued about renting versus buying. Pic credit: TLC

In the last episode of Sister Wives, Breaking Point, we saw Robyn and Kody go at it in front of their kids over God magically providing a rental versus a house purchase.

“The message from God is it’s time to grow up about these things,” said an exasperated Kody. Robyn then demanded a six-bedroom house. He shot back: “I never have even seen a six-bedroom on the market.”

Robyn held her ground: “A rental is just gonna pop up for us it’s gonna happen… I 100% believe God is going to provide for us and have a rental show up.”

“It is time now to buy a house and not keep up with this dream that God is gonna save us in the last minute here,” said Kody in the very tense episode.

In the end, “overachiever” Aurora had a full-on panic attack about the instability of the Brown house situation.

Christine thinks Robyn having a huge home for family meetings and gatherings is a great idea, and loved that she and Janelle had their own homes. It was mentioned that Meri was buying her own property somewhere.

You can tell watching all of the episodes of late that observing Meri’s body language reveals that she has already checked out of the One House idea forever.

But not Truely…

Truely Brown
Truely Brown dreams of a big mansion where they all can live together. Pic credit: TLC

Then the kids weighed in on the One House deal, and most of them were positive about it and missed each other. Gabriel and Truely were the most vocal.

Christine and Kody’s youngest daughter Truely called her mom “loco in the coco” for not wanting to share a huge single home.

Gabriel was more pragmatic, expressing that they all loved Flagstaff.

He knew the moms were not keen about sharing a life under one roof. This was surprising as he was so nasty to Janelle last season when they were packing up from Vegas to move to Arizona.

What everyone, moms and kids alike, missed about Las Vegas was that they were settled in and close but separate in similar homes.

The Browns bought four houses in a cul-de-sac, then the move to Arizona upended it all. They could visit and see each other but were not on top of each other.

This season has been the pipe dream that Kody has in his head, One Home, and no drama for the Sister Wives. Ha!

Meri isn’t part of this conversation anymore as her one child Mariah is grown and gone, marrying her girlfriend. Robyn’s fear is the delay of building on their land will blow up their Sister Wives “culture.”

Janelle was the only one on board with the One House idea. Interestingly the mother most in favor of separate homes is Christine, and her kids with Kody are the ones that most want the One House.

Janelle’s son Gabriel Brown, age 19, is down for the One House idea and thinks “it could be cool.” But he didn’t think his parents would be on board. “I don’t think the moms are gonna go for it,” Gabriel said, adding that they “want their own space.”

Truely Brown, Christine and Kody’s youngest was adorable in her pro-One House speech. She said: “I think the moms are crazy! Because I want to live in one big house, so we don’t have to be separated. [speaking to the camera] Mom, I think you’re loco in the coco.”

You know someone had a talking to after that was filmed!

Sister Wives airs Sunday at 10 pm on TLC.

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