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Where are the Sister Wives’ family living now?

The moment Meri wore everyone down as Kody lost his patience as they try to figure where everyone is going to be. Pic credit: TLC.
The moment Meri wore everyone down as Kody lost his patience as they try to figure where everyone is going to be. Pic credit: TLC.

The stress of moving, their property not selling in Las Vegas, and overall living arrangements are wearing down the entire family matrix of Kody Brown and his four wives on Sister Wives.

The family lives in Flagstaff, Arizona right now.

However, the tables are turning as we speak as the sister wives themselves — Meri and Robyn, Christine and Janelle — are wearing each other out.

The wives are trying to get through another move, get their kids situated into school life, and manage their existence, all while Kody tries to fit them all on a piece of property that faces a scenic mountain.

As fans have come to realize, Meri is ground zero for Kody’s frustration. Her relationship with Robyn is driving a wedge between the last wife Kody grabbed and wife number one being Meri, who Kody divorced to legally marry Robyn.

Kody blames Meri for marginalizing the other wives and causing havoc and confusion for establishing a new homestead.

That was a fatal dagger between the two women whose lives now are at loggerheads and contentious at best. People who watch the series know that Christine and Janelle are a tight-knit tribe of two.

Where are the Sister Wives’ family living now?

The DailyMail reported that Robyn, Kody’s legal wife, had purchased a $900,000 home constructed in 2007. The home boasts views of the woodlands and a mountain, a four-car garage, a huge kitchen, underfloor heating system, two master suites, a wine refrigerator, and a wraparound deck. This is all based on the Coconino County legal documents.

The land Kody purchased has not been built upon yet.

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Janelle, the mother of six, reportedly is a renter and lives in a two-story, 2,300 square foot, three bed, two and a half bath home for $2,900 a month.

Christine, also a mother of six, bought her two-story 2,400 square foot, three-bed, three-bath home for $520,000 in September 2018, according to the Mail.

Where did the Sister Wives live before this?

The family began in Lehi, Utah, before leaving in 2011 when legal issues with the state of Utah pointed at a full prosecution of the patriarch Kody for bigamy, a third-degree felony which carried a potential 20-year prison sentence — five years for each wife.

Utah has since softened its legal outlook on bigamy.

In Las Vegas, the Browns had a more egalitarian existence as the wives lived in close quarters near each other in four equally-sized homes on a quiet cul-de-sac.

Kody shared that the Flagstaff move was a financial windfall for the family and that further angered Robyn, who seems to be in the wife number one slot, living in the giant home that Kody bought outside of the land purchase.

The series sits with Meri being the perpetual wildcard not only for Kody but for her fellow wives.

The real issue is Meri does not know where she wants to be, figuratively and literally.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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