Kody Brown admits he was wrong about Aurora’s panic attack on Sister Wives

Kody Brown admits he was wrong about Aurora's panic attack on Sister Wives
Kody Brown has said Aurora’s panic attack on Sister Wives was his fault. Pic credit: TLC

Last week, the biggest complaint from Sister Wives fans came when Kody Brown and Robyn Brown had a massive fight in front of their kids.

Kody and Robyn then watched their daughter, Aurora, have a major panic attack and Kody carried her out of the room.

At the time, Robyn said that they asked Aurora before they decided to air the panic attack. She said that it was a way to help others who experience panic issues know they are not alone.

Kody Brown shows regret for panic attack

While Kody Brown often shows obliviousness when others face problems, he seems to have realized that he was partially to blame for Aurora’s panic attacks, especially the one on Sister Wives last week.

Kody took to Twitter and said that he was wrong when he said that he and Robyn didn’t do this to the young woman.

She got overwhelmed when @LuvgvsUwngs  and I argued about our housing situation and the stress of yet another sudden move.”

It seems that Kody Brown realizes that the constant moves lately have really thrown off Aurora, who said her panic attacks have worsened since the move to Flagstaff.

Aurora had a very bad situation when her mother and father split. Then, they moved from Utah to Las Vegas. While they settled there, Kody then moved his family to Flagstaff, taking the kids away from their homes again.

“These panic attacks happen probably four to five times a week,” Aurora said. “Some of them, I have noticed, are triggered by certain things, like when I’m really, really upset or really, like, emotionally or physically exhausted or when I have a high-stress situation.”

Aurora said she will hyperventilate and can’t walk or talk or do anything. She said that she knows it isn’t her fault, and it’s not a bad thing, but it is hard.

Kody Brown initially said that the panic attack was due to “stress” and he carried her to her bedroom to calm down.

Kody Brown fighting with all his Sister Wives

Meri Brown has been on the outside looking in all season long. Christine and Janelle also have struggled with many of Kody’s decisions this season.

However, Robyn Brown was always considered his “favorite” and people thought he was bending over backward to please her.

With that said, Robyn feels Kody betrayed her when he said the move to Flagstaff meant that the family would all live together.

With that in mind, the second Kody told her she should buy a new home in Flagstaff, away from the other wives, Robyn had enough.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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