Robyn Brown says Aurora agreed to show panic attack on Sister Wives

Robyn and Kody Brown, Aurora's parents
Robyn and Kody Brown, Aurora’s parents, defended their choice. Pic Credit: TLC

The Brown family of Sister Wives is no stranger to controversy, and they stirred it up again on last Sunday’s episode.

The family decided to air footage of 17-year-old Aurora having a panic attack. The decision angered some fans, who believed that it was inappropriate to publicly show Aurora in such a vulnerable state.

The Sister Wives family, however, has defended their decision, believing that it could help others.

Aurora joined the family at age 8

Aurora is the daughter of Robyn and Kody. Her biological father is Robyn’s first husband, but he and Robyn divorced when Aurora was young. Robyn married Kody in 2010, when Aurora was just 8 years old. Robyn became the fourth wife in the family and joined 16 years after Christine, the third wife.

Aurora wasn’t Robyn’s only child from her first marriage- Aurora’s siblings Dayton, 20, and Breanna, 15, also joined the family when Robyn and Kody were married. Robyn and Kody went on to have two more children together: Solomon Kody, born in 2011, and Ariella Mae, born in 2016.

Normally, polygamist men are only legally married to their first wives, but Kody, his first wife Meri, and Robyn decided on a different arrangement.

Although Meri and Kody were legally married when Robyn joined the family, they decided to legally divorce (but remain in a committed marital relationship) so that Robyn could legally marry Kody. The legal status of their marriage made it possible for Kody to adopt Aurora, Dayton, and Breanna in 2015.

Aurora’s panic attack shocked viewers

Panic attacks can be debilitating, and that seems to be the case for Aurora.

“It’s like, difficult to think and process things because it feels like my thoughts are simultaneously going a million miles an hour and nowhere at all” she explained.

Robyn noted how serious things can get for Aurora. “When she has them, she can’t talk and she can’t walk.”

Robyn responded to critics on Twitter, explaining that “Aurora was given the choice whether to let her panic attack be included on the show. She wanted to be able to talk about what it is like to have a panic attack too. She wants to bring awareness so people are more sensitive and to support those who have them.”

According to Robyn, Aurora has been to doctors to treat her attacks. They began when the parents delivered news of the family’s move to Arizona- the stress of the upcoming move really impacted Aurora and she had a tough time adjusting.

Aurora is still doing well despite her struggle with anxiety. According to Robyn, she is making good grades in school and accomplishing many of her goals.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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