Sister Wives: Kody Brown threatens to ‘dissolve partnership’ with Robyn and buy his own house

Sister Wives: Kody Brown threatens to 'dissolve partnership' with Robyn and buy his own house
Kody Brown considers dissolving marriage to Robyn Brown over house issues. Pic credit: TLC

Many fans online see Robyn Brown as the favored wife of Kody Brown on Sister Wives. However, the newest wife (and only legal one) might see that the freshness is finally over for Kody.

Kody Brown has shown how angry he is that his four wives are not on the same page as he is about the One House idea, and when his wives don’t follow his dreams, he is known to throw a fit about it.

Robyn just learned that the hard way.

Kody threatens to ‘dissolve partnership’ with Robyn

Kody Brown legally divorced his first wife Meri in 2015 so he could marry Robyn and adopt her children.

Christine and Janelle were never legally married to Kody and were his spiritual wives, which is what Meri then became.

However, now Kody is rethinking his union with Robyn because she will not blindly follow his wishes when it comes to the living conditions in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Robyn has started to see what the other wives have gone through for years after their move.

Last week, Robyn said that she and Kody have been fighting more often because he hasn’t followed through on some of the promises he made to his wives before they left Nevada.

Robyn said Kody promised that the Brown family could finally live together again by moving to Flagstaff. Robyn said that Kody lied, and it was proven with their homes spread throughout the town.

“We had this really great situation in Las Vegas, and Kody comes up with this idea that we’re gonna move,” Robyn said last week.

Now, the latest episode that airs this Sunday makes it sound like Kody is striking back, saying he is thinking of “dissolving their partnership” after the two disagreed on buying a home in Flagstaff.

Robyn and her kids are forced to move again in the upcoming episode and both she and her children are stressing. She wants to find another rental until everyone can live together as Kody promised.

However, Kody can only think of himself.

“The message from God isn’t ‘go find a rental,’” Kody Brown said to her. “The message from God is ‘you have to buy a house.’”

Kody then tells producers for TLC in the episode that he might just dissolve his marriage with Robyn and go buy a house by himself.

Sister Wives fans cut loose on Kody … again

Sister Wives fans on Twitter cut loose on Kody again.

After saying that Meri should leave Kody behind, they are now rallying behind Robyn.

Sister Wives airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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