Sister Wives: Christine Brown explains her ‘rough’ relationship with Kody

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine explained why her relationship with Kody has been “rough.” Pic credit: TLC

On this week’s episode of Sister Wives, viewers got some clarification about Christine Brown’s comments about her “rough” relationship with Kody.

Christine celebrated her birthday during the episode, so she and Kody took a road trip together.

Kody told the cameras that the couple has fun together when they don’t have anything planned, so they hit the road in Kody’s convertible, looking for “the prettiest spots.”

They ended up in Sedona, Arizona, taking in the gorgeous scenery and waiting to catch the sunset.

On their drive, Christine brought up the fact that Kody and his wives couldn’t agree on how to socially distance within their family during the pandemic.

It’s obviously a sore topic, and Kody told Christine she was talking about “a dilemma that’s more confusing to people than polygamy is.”

Christine thought Kody was “ridiculous” for comparing their quarantine problems to polygamy and told the cameras that if it were “illegal” to visit family members, she might think about it differently.

Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Kody and Christine Brown. Pic credit: TLC

As they reached their destination to watch the sunset, Christine said it was “all about a convertible, a magical song, and the sunset” and added, “That’s the magic.”

Christine explained that she and Kody have had a “rough” relationship for about the last five or six years. She had hinted at their marriage troubles in the prior episode.

Christine revealed that her disagreement about Kody’s one-house idea strained their marriage

Christine hinted that she and Kody have had a “rough” relationship at the end of last week’s episode.

She revealed that she and Kody have had a tough time ever since they had a “big blowup” about living in one house again. Viewers know that Christine is the only of Kody’s wives to be adamantly against sharing a home.

Since the disagreement, Christine admitted that things between her and Kody have been “strained.” She admitted that she told Kody “point blank” that she refused to ever live in one house again with the rest of the family.

Christine felt as though Kody didn’t care and sadly said she puts herself “last on his list of important people.”

She didn’t understand why Kody didn’t listen to everything she had to say for the last five or six years.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives one house idea
Kody’s one house plan he presented to the family. Pic credit: TLC

Kody hinted that he puts up with his marriages and looks forward to his death so that he can meet his creator

Kody claimed he opened up to Christine’s points rather than shut them out so he can “validate where she’s at and have a deeper understanding.”

He said, “It’s very much unraveled plural marriage for me and it’s made me a little bit cynical.”

He continued, “There’s this belief in our religion of this sort of thought process of endure to the end. I’m looking back at nearly 30 years of plural marriage, of marriage in general, of family” and Kody said it had been sort of an “endure til the end experience.”

Kody revealed some shocking thoughts about what his religion has taught him when he said, “Looking forward to your death so you can meet the almighty and go, see how I endured? All the personalities here?”

Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Kody and Christine on their wedding day in 1994. Pic credit: TLC

Sadly, Christine revealed that she doesn’t feel ‘very important’

Christine said that Kody always talks about his “big picture,” and she felt as though if she is in his big picture, she’s just a “really small spot.”

Kody added that he and Christine don’t enjoy the challenge of plural marriage. 

Christine divulged how she felt: “More than anything with Kody is I don’t feel like I’m very important to him.” 

Kody noted that some differences in plural marriage are irreconcilable, and doesn’t know what it means to their future.

Christine is arguably the most outspoken of Kody’s four wives. She’s been very opinionated about her refusal to live in one home with the other wives.

She’s also been vocal about feeling like she was Kody’s “basement wife,” that she disliked that Kody didn’t shower at her home in earlier years of their marriage, and that she doesn’t feel like an “equal partner” with Kody.

The couple of 27 years recently welcomed their first biological grandchild together, Avalon Asa from their daughter Mykelti.

In total, Kody and Christine share six kids: Aspyn, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Mykelti, Ysabel and Truely.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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1 year ago

If kody doesn’t believe in divorce why did he divorce meri!

hattie irving
hattie irving
1 year ago

Yes, for another woman, because he could have adopted her kids regardless single people adopt all the time he was lying again, and Meri needs to go on with her life because he hates her now that she had an online affair, she needs backbone, and a life, Janelle honey Robin beat you out to. So be a woman and leave, show your girls a strong woman. Leave that fool he said he was not in love with you or Meri, Or Christine, only Robin, and this was her plan all alone and Kody’s