Christine Brown of Sister Wives talks watching herself on tv, polygamy, clears up the ‘basement wife’ topic

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown of Sister Wives sat down for an in-depth interview recently. Pic credit: TLC

A few episodes into this season of Sister Wives, Christine Brown sat down with Us Weekly correspondent Christina Garibaldi to discuss watching herself on TV, misconceptions about polygamy, and finally cleared up the “basement wife” comments.

Christine admitted that it has always been hard for her to watch herself on TV. She divulged that she has never really liked watching herself because she has “quirky mannerisms.”

She also revealed that sometimes if she’s having a bad day, the cameras will catch it, which is hard to watch, but admitted that’s part of being a reality TV star.

“Unfortunately, that’s what you get,” she said of watching her not-so-good moments play back on national television.

She also admitted that re-watching episodes isn’t her favorite activity: “But it’s hard to relive things ‘four times’,” referencing watching an episode when it first airs, then being asked about it, and re-watching it several times when all is said and done.

Overall, Christine is happy with how the show portrays her family

“Overall, I love the message of our show,” which she said is “great” because it “just shows a family.”

Christine did admit that a lot of times she loves the episodes of Sister Wives. She mentioned the toilet paper episode from a few weeks ago, which she thought was “hilarious.”

When asked about COVID-19 and how it affected the family, Christine brought up the fact that she realized a lot of people struggled with isolation, not just the Brown family.

She admitted that she tried to stay as positive as possible, but that her kids really struggled. Being that it was Gwendlyn’s last year of school, it was “super difficult” for her now 19-year-old daughter.

Christine wants people to know that wives have a choice in polygamous marriages

Christina asked Kody’s third wife, Christine a question she discussed with Kody earlier this year, regarding any of the wives choosing to leave the family. Christina asked if it was a common misconception of plural marriages that polygamists are stuck in their marriages.

The 48-year-old mom of six admitted that no one ever wants a separation or divorce, but reiterated that Kody has made it clear to his wives that they have freedom of choice. Christine recently admitted that she prefers polygamy and the freedom it offers her.

She explained that her husband has told them if they aren’t happy, they don’t have to stay against their will and they can “move on.”

Kody’s other wives have touched on this same topic earlier this season and it could be apt time to discuss the prospect given that Meri and Kody’s marriage is already “dissolved.”

Christine made it clear recently that she tries to shield her kids from watching Kody and Meri‘s troubled relationship play out on TV.

Christine talked about the never-ending ‘basement wife’ topic

When Christina brought up the “basement wife” topic yet again, Christine admitted that it was “such a hard conversation.” She mentioned once again that when the family lived in the same house together, there are plenty of things about their living situation that she “just didn’t like.”

She said that even though she was extremely frustrated about the topic, it took her “a year or more” to voice her concerns and openly talk about why it bothered her so badly.

She clarified the “basement wife” comment once and for all — she said nobody “put” her in the basement, but rather she chose it. Christine disclosed that initially, she was fine with living in the basement, but during some of her “dark” moments, she felt “less than.”

Christine admitted that she feels like a “queen wife” and hopes that the other wives do, too.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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