Sister Wives: Christine Brown wants to shield her kids from seeing Meri and Kody’s relationship play out on TV

Sister Wives star Christine Brown.
Sister Wives star, and Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine Brown, says she does her best to shield her younger children from seeing Meri and Kody’s marriage play out on the show. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown admits that she does her best to prevent her youngest children from having to see her sister wife, Meri Brown’s marriage with their husband, Kody Brown, play out on television.

Meri’s relationship with Kody has been rocky for quite a few years now, and it is often documented in detail throughout the season. The current season hasn’t been much different for the couple as they continue to find themselves disconnected and unable to find their footing as husband and wife.

However, that drama isn’t necessarily something that Christine wants her youngest, and most impressionable, children to see. And during a recent interview with Us Weekly, Christine explained why she’s chosen to shield them to the best of her ability.

Christine admits she tries to live in a ‘rose colored world’

Christine touched on how difficult it can be to watch Meri and Kody’s marriage troubles play out on the show.

When Us Weekly correspondent Christina Garibaldi asked which moments have shocked her the most, Christine answered, “For me, it’s just a bunch of little, tiny moments, just between the two [of them] — I don’t know!”

She continued, “I tend to try and live in a rose colored world, a little bit.”

According to Christine, she also tries not to tune into Meri and Kody’s segments.

“And I really try. I’ll turn the volume down lower and things like that. Just because, I don’t know, it is difficult. It is hard, you know? Honestly, the whole thing’s been kind of sad,” she admitted.

Christine protects her youngest children from seeing the drama

Christina asked, “Does it affect the rest of the family?”

“My younger kids…they don’t know the extent of it,” Christine confessed. “And the older kids might watch the episodes but I don’t know. You know?”

She continued to explain that she assumes the older children know at least a little bit about what’s currently playing out with Meri and Kody this season, but the little kids might not have much of an idea.

“But the younger kids? I just, I want them to just live in a little bubble with regards to our show a little bit. You know? Cuz it’s hard for them. When they see the relationship stuff and it’s a little bit, you know, difficult. It’s so hard for them,” she said.

“I try and shield them from that,” she concluded.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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