Kody Brown calls out Christine over ‘basement wife’ comment, Sister Wives fans sound off

Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown called out his third wife Christine again over her “basement wife” remark and Sister Wives fans showed up in his comments to give him a piece of their minds.

During his weekly live-tweet this week, Kody chose to tweet about several different topics, including his workouts, birthday celebrations, Meri’s mom Bonnie’s passing, and his daughter Mariah.

Kody Brown takes aim at Christine

He posted, “The whole “basement wife” thing is really a family nuance thing. I don’t understand what @SWChristine2020 was meaning or referring to.”

Christine has yet to join the family for their weekly live-tweets, and no one has offered a reason for her absence.

She also has yet to comment about why she doesn’t partake in the weekly live-tweets.  

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Kody brought up the “basement wife” thing once again. Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

Kody was referring to Episode 4, titled Basement Wife. In the episode, Christine had talked about feeling like she was a “basement wife” when the family lived under one roof in Lehi, Utah. 

Kody has already called out Christine for using the term previously. He tweeted earlier this month, “Strange…My big house design had a basement garage. No ‘basement wife.’ Each wife would get a two story condo-like suite.”

Kody has been pressing for the family to live under one roof again for several years. He presented the family with a detailed architectural design, but not everyone could agree on the idea, so they’ve stayed in separate homes.

Last year, Meri had an explanation about the term

Kody was referring to a term often used in polygamist culture. Meri gave viewers a little background on the term last year.

She explained that it’s common among polygamous families to build extra living spaces in unfinished basements.

The wives often become territorial over where they live in a home. She called it a “strong emotion” among plural wives.

She added that their home in Lehi, Utah was like the description she gave, with separate living quarters upstairs and downstairs. A polygamous man actually built the Brown family’s previous home.

In their old home, Christine had the basement, Meri had the upper level, and Janelle’s portion of the house was split between both the upper and lower levels.

This caused Christine a lot of distress, which she voiced to her sister wife, Robyn. Christine has been the only one of Kody’s four wives who is adamantly against living in one home together.

Fans were not happy with Kody’s comments and voiced their own opinions

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Sister Wives fans weren’t happy with Kody’s tweet. Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

One follower said about his disconnect with Christine, “Perhaps you should ask her. It seems like it’s a really important issue for her that she’s still holding on to.”

Another fan told Kody to “Take your hair out of the ridiculous bun and ask her.”

Yet another commenter had this to say: “Here’s a though… She’s YOUR wife… How about you ask her!!!”

Answering Kody’s claim that he didn’t know what Christine was referring to, one fan told him, “I do and I don’t know her… because I actually listened to her speak.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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courtney lock
courtney lock
3 years ago

Browns Sister Wives: I just had to comment about the most recent episodes on Sunday night. Why is that girl child about 5 or 6 laying in bed winning with a damn SOOTHER in her mouth??? That is just BAD PARENTING LAZY Parenting.!! don’t you care what is happening to her teeth and growing mouth. Besides, it looks absolutely ridiculous. Get a grip and be an effective parent.
AS well all of the wives really need to LOOK IN THE MIRROR prior to filming!!! You all have the WORST eyebrows I have ever seen!! They are crooked, dark then light the next week, Mary yours are the absolute WORST!! It doesn’t make you look attractive more like a CLOWN. Cant stand you anyway.