Sister Wives: Christine Brown hints at ‘rough’ relationship with Kody

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown talked about her “rough” relationship with Kody. Pic credit: TLC

In a sneak peek of next week’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown admitted that she and her husband Kody have had a “rough relationship for a couple of years.”

Kody added, “Plural marriage is a challenge that she doesn’t enjoy. I’ll be frank, plural marriage is not a challenge that I enjoy.”

During last night’s episode, Kody and Meri had some heart-to-heart talks. They got real about their own marriage dissolving, but Kody also hinted at troubles in his other marriages.

Kody wouldn’t disclose which wife has been ‘unhappy for so many years’

Kody revealed that he has been questioning whether everyone truly benefits from their family’s arrangement. He wouldn’t disclose names, but he hinted that some of his wives have “been unhappy for so many years.”

He wondered why his unhappy wives couldn’t “just leave and go find something to make them happy.” Kody had frustration in his voice when he said that he was tired of being badgered for not doing his role correctly.

Kody pointed his finger as he asked the confessional camera, “Would every one of these women be better off married to another guy? That’s the question I’m asking myself.”

Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Kody and Christine during their younger years. Pic credit: TLC

In true Kody fashion, he complained about how the state of his family is not what he wanted and not what he “signed up” for, but admitted he doesn’t “want to have a big breakup.”

Instead of a big breakup, Kody voiced that he would rather have a “big commitment” where everybody does their part. Kody felt as though he was the only one of the five spouses doing his part.

Was Kody referring to Christine?

Kody clarified that he wasn’t talking about Meri when he said, “I feel immense pressure all the time for satisfying the emotional needs of a wife that I have sometimes no interest in satisfying.”

He added, “I have a wife who, I think, will never be happy. Basically, in all the years that I thought we were happy, she wasn’t.”

Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives with some of their kids
Kody and Christine Brown with their daughters (son Paedon is not pictured). Pic credit: TLC

Again, Kody was vague when he referred to his wives as “people” and said he wished they would go find happiness elsewhere instead of staying and making him unhappy.

Did Kody give his wives an ultimatum?

He felt as though an unhappy wife needed to “rise up,” change, and do their part and he would like to tell them, “Hey ladies, we’re just gonna be better. We’re gonna do better or we’re not gonna do it anymore.”

Kody’s statements about Christine not enjoying the challenge of plural marriage contradicts what his third wife said about the topic. She said earlier this year that monogamy would cramp her style.

Christine, who shields her kids from Meri and Kody’s relationship drama, also revealed the reason she struggles most with Kody is when she feels as though she doesn’t have a say.

Kody’s third wife of nearly 30 years has been vocal about her dislike of conversations, so maybe the couple would benefit from working more on communication before any major changes are made.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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