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Grand theft Auto V PC Screens

Some new screens from the forthcoming PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.The PC game will be out on April 14th and will support all the latest hardware with a bunch of of PC-specific enhancements.If you pre-order the digital download version before Tuesday then you will get a $1.5 million in-game bonus.Meantime here are some screens.Recommended […]

Jeremy Clarkson sacking in his own words (video)

This is a great little clip with bits from Top Gear edited together by Jon Harvey.Jeremy Clarkson gets to tell us how it is, in his own unique style.Roll the tape.

12 Cars Given The Catwalk Treatment By Fashion Designers

The Bijan Pakzad Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport
There was a time when the idea of a fashion designer collaborating with a car manufacturer would have seemed laughable, and to some, it probably still is. Yet in an age where style, lavishness and luxury seem to be the flavor of the month, you might have to get used to seeing this unusual combination […]

New Jaguar XF Revealed

The new Jaguar XF was revealed in dramatic fashion yesterday, with a high-wire stunt in London.Stunt man Jim Dowdall, who has worked on Bond and Bourne movies, drove the new XF 240 meters across the river via a high-wire at London’s Canary Wharf.The XF uses Jaguar’s aluminium architecture like the XE and as such is 190kg […]

Jeremy Clarkson scrapped by BBC

Jeremy Clarkson will not be heading back to Top Gear after the BBC declined to renew his contract.The BBC’s director general Tony Hall said his decision not to invite Clarkson back would “divide opinion” and that he had “not taken this decision lightly.”He also said: “There cannot be one rule for one and one rule […]