Jersey Shore teases ‘physical’ fight on Family Vacation featuring Mike Sorrentino and castmates

mike the situation sorrentino face shot from jersey shore family vacation season 7
Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino could be involved in a physical altercation with a castmate. Pic credit: MTV

Fans seem ready to see what could be a messy and “physical” altercation featuring Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and some of his Jersey Shore castmates.

A teaser for an upcoming episode of the Family Vacation spin-off suggests that things will reach a boiling point, and it seems viewers are all for it.

Episode 12 featured most of the cast and some of their significant others having dinner together during their trip to Arizona.

However, Angelina Pivarnick wasn’t there yet, and Mike told castmates he was concerned about his castmate.

In a previous episode, Angelina revealed to Mike and his wife Lauren that things weren’t going well with her fiancee, Vinny Tortorella, aka “Vinny 2.0.”

This situation and Angelina’s ongoing feud with castmate Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola could play into an upcoming fight that could get physical.

Teaser footage reveals intense Jersey Shore fight

A preview clip for Family Vacation Season 7, Episode 13 features a heated fight scene between multiple cast members.

It starts with Angelina and Sammi screaming at one another, with Mike and Vinny 2.0 revealed in the footage as part of the argument.

He tells someone he “doesn’t care” and they can “go home,” while Angelina’s fiancee tells him to “sit the f*** down.”

“If you knew what she filmed behind your back, you wouldn’t be sittin’ there with your smug face,” Mike also tells Vinny 2.0 in the scene.

The intense teaser trailer also includes Angelina and Sammi exchanging some expletive-filled pleasantries before Angelina storms out of a room.

In Episode 12, Angelina shared that she and Vinny “were at a decent place” and “trying to communicate better.” Angelina convinced him to get time off from work and accompany her to Arizona for “moral support.”

Meanwhile, Angelina’s DM to a married NFL player was still a topic, and Sammi added fuel to the fire by appearing in a TikTok video with the player’s wife.

It featured the player’s wife lipsynching a voiceover from Sammi yelling, “Are you friends with her?” Longtime viewers will recall Sammi yelling that at Ronnie during MTV’s original Jersey Shore when they were dating.

In the TikTok clip, Sammi stands beside the NFL player’s wife. Jersey Shore cast members’ reactions, including Angelina’s, are captured.

As one might expect, Angelina wasn’t pleased with Sammi’s video, and she arrived in Arizona heated over what her castmate had done online.

At the cast’s dinner, Mike said he wanted to take Angelina aside and ensure she was doing well after she had previously told him and his wife about her relationship issues.

Sammi continued to fuel her feud with Angelina. She told the cast to leave the seat next to her at their dinner table open for Angelina. In a confessional, Sammi said they might air out their TikTok video drama if she sat next to her.

The plan almost worked as Angelina sat beside Sammi, but they avoided discussing their drama. However, it appears many things will be discussed in Episode 13, as the episode concludes with the teaser showing scenes from “12 hours later.”

Fans are ready to see Mike in a ‘physical’ fight

Based on the reactions online, fans anticipate what could be a “physical” confrontation for Mike.

“Mike getting into a physical fight my jaws on the floor no way,” a Reddit commenter wrote.

“They always edit previews to seem so much more dramatic than it actually is but that is pretty wild. Like Mike [in] a physical fight after all this time,” a commenter replied.

screenshot as reddit commenters react to family vacation fight teaser
Fans discuss Jersey Shore. Pic credit: @l3Lu3b3rr1/

Commenters also reacted on Twitter to the Episode 13 teaser, with one individual tweeting, “Damn ightttt Mike still got the fire in him I ain’t seen him yell at someone like that in a minute.”

Several other commenters praised Angelina for being an entertaining part of the show for all these seasons, while one called out cast members for “always picking on Angelina.”

comments on twitter from jersey shore family vacation fight scene
Fans react online. Pic credit: @itscoretho, @brittnylacianne, & @__ColorMeLay/Twitter

It’s always possible that the teaser was edited to make things look worse. However, Episode 13 seems likely to be one of the most explosive installments of Family Vacation in recent seasons.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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