Ginger Zee under fire for showing too much skin on GMA set: ‘Time to purchase appropriate business attire!’

ginger zee instagram reel april 2024
Ginger is being called out for her fashion choices. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Ginger Zee faces harsh criticism for her on-air wardrobe choices, prompting calls to rethink what she wears on TV.

The Good Morning America meteorologist responded to a hater on social media who called her out for wearing “inappropriate” outfits on morning television.

It all went down on X (formerly Twitter) when Ginger reminded her fans and followers that she’s paused buying new clothes.

Ginger is participating in the #NoNewClothes challenge to help save the planet, opting instead to wear clothes she already owns or borrowing or renting outfits to wear on GMA.

When Ginger noted that the average American purchases 70 new garments yearly, she was met with harsh criticism from one of her followers.

@CocoaCole responded to Ginger’s tweet, accusing her of wearing “inappropriate” attire consisting of dresses and skirts with slits deemed too high for TV and plunging necklines.

Ginger Zee put on blast for dressing ‘inappropriately’ on the job

“That’s fine but when one has to wear work clothes that are inappropriate with a slit clear up to mid thigh or higher and a neck line that reveals cleavage (being flat chested doesn’t make it appropriate) then it’s time to purchase and/or borrow appropriate business attire!!!” wrote @CocoaCole.

In response, Ginger uploaded a photo of herself on the set of GMA, clad in a long black floral dress and black heels.

“But what if I told you I’ve had this and worn it at work for at least 5 years… you still aren’t a fan? 😂😂😂,” Ginger asked her disparager. “Fashion is subjective.”

In the comments section, Ginger’s followers went at it, some firing back at @CocoaCole, and others expressing their support for the ABC News Chief Meteorologist.

Ginger’s supporters came to her defense

Defending Ginger and her stylists’ wardrobe choices, one X user wrote that they’ve never seen her sporting plunging necklines or thigh-high slits.

“Why are you being so judgemental with her?” they asked. “They have stylists at #GMA.”

@CocoaCole didn’t stop her rant there and continued to defend her stance.

She replied, “Maybe you do not think it is because she is flat chested if she were had larger breast you may think differently!!! Lol.”

ginger zee's X followers comment on her outfit choices
Ginger was met with criticism and support for her wardrobe choices. Pic credit: @Ginger_Zee/X

Another one of Ginger’s admirers commented that she looks “damn good” in her GMA outfits, and demanded that her critic keep their “vile comments” to themselves and stop being “jealous” of Ginger and all women, for that matter.

Many more comments accumulated on Ginger’s post in support of her fashion choices.

One X user told Ginger that showing a little thigh is “not inappropriate.”

Another expressed that ABC would tell Ginger if her attire was inappropriate.

“Ginger Zee is class personified!” added Belinda Thrower.

More and more compliments came Ginger’s way, encouraging her to keep doing what she was doing since there was nothing inappropriate about her clothing.

Ginger isn’t bothered by critics who disapprove of her wardrobe choices

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, this is not the first time Ginger has faced criticism about her wardrobe.

Just last month, she was chastised for a dress she opted to wear on-air, but was a good sport about it.

Ginger took the high road and told her critic, “Sorry you aren’t a fan! Can’t please them all.”

Back in January, Ginger came under fire when her outfit appeared to show her midriff.

In reality, her belt was nude-toned, so it was an illusion, but that didn’t stop her critics from lashing out.

In response to her outfit, an Instagram follower told Ginger, “Come on. Show some class. Be a role model.”

Ginger set the record straight in her response, noting that her belt created an optical illusion and told her hater, “Not my skin… take a closer look.”

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