Critics take aim at Ginger Zee for going too far with her ‘no new clothes’ challenge

ginger zee IG selfie august 2023
Ginger is a proponent of recycling and renting clothing but her critics think she’s taken it too far. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Ginger Zee is all about saving the environment, but her critics think she’s gone overboard with her efforts.

The Good Morning America meteorologist has brought attention to the #NoNewClothes challenge on social media in recent months.

Remake began the effort, encouraging social media users to press pause on the purchase of new clothing by recycling or renting clothing and not purchasing any new items.

The movement claims to have preserved millions of liters of water, prevented millions of kilograms of CO2 emissions and waste, and saved millions of dollars.

Ginger regularly posts about the movement on her Instagram feed, calling it “A pause on consumerism and a reflection on the power of a circular economy.”

The morning television personality recently showed just how dedicated she is to the challenge in a recent Instagram Reel.

Ginger Zee isn’t ashamed to wear worn-out shoes

Ginger’s hairstylist, Merylin Mitchell, recorded the Chief Climate Correspondent for ABC News as she prepared to record one of her weekday morning segments on GMA.

Ginger sat at her desk before putting the finishing touches on her look for the day, clad in a colorful dress paired with her favorite pair of Ugg boots.

As Merilyn panned the camera to a close-up of Ginger’s boots, it revealed that they were extremely worn-in and had holes in them.

Ginger added a caption over the video that read, “When I tell you I don’t buy ANY new clothes … I’m serious.”

The 43-year-old mom of two continued in her caption, “@msmerylin killed my fishtail braid today so I let her out me and my struggling @ugg 😂😂😂 #nonewclothes I’m serious! I’ll patch these I swear.”

Critics think the Good Morning America meteorologist needs to ease up and invest in some new shoes

Thousands of Ginger’s fans and followers tapped the like icon on her post, and in the comments section, she received a mixed bag of feedback.

Many of her fans compared her look to Elsa and Anna from Frozen; some applauded her efforts to save Mother Earth; others felt she took the #NoNewClothes challenge a bit too far.

“While I am on board with no new clothes, I have to draw the line at shoes,” wrote one of Ginger’s followers. “You have to buy new shoes. … Invest in good shoes. Your feet deserve it.”

ginger zee's critics comment on her not buying new shoes on instagram
Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Another Instagram user told Ginger that “it’s time to retire them and get a new pair.”

“No no no….when shoes falls apart, its time for a new pair,” insisted another.

One of Ginger’s fans, a “self-proclaimed Discount Diva,” appreciated Ginger’s efforts but pointed out that shoes should be at the “top of the list” as far as wardrobe staples are concerned.

ginger zee's critics comment on her not buying new shoes on instagram
Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

“If your feet fail, you life is totally screwed up,” @dinawaltersonline wrote, adding, “Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.”

One more commenter noted that since Ginger’s shoes are “damaged,” they warrant a replacement.

Ginger remains dedicated to the #NoNewClothes challenge

In November 2023, Ginger shared a carousel of photos in which she was clad in the same skirt, styled in three different ways.

As part of her #NoNewClothes movement, Ginger showed her fans that recycling outfits can still be fashionable while easy on the environment and their budget.

Ginger called her colorful skirt an “oldie but a goodie” that she paired with a yellow turtleneck, a white short-sleeved top, and then a ribbed yellow tank.

Last summer, Ginger gave her Instagram followers a look inside her dressing room at ABC News Headquarters in New York City.

She shared that she wears second-hand shoes and vowed that she will never buy new shoes again.

“Why add to that trash pile of fast fashion?” Ginger asked.

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27 days ago

Ginger Zee can wear whatever she wants, new or used, she is beautiful.