Ginger Zee defends GMA outfit, fires back at critic who says her on-air attire was ‘classless’

ginger zee snaps a selfie in her instagram story
Ginger Zee clapped back when a disparager made rude remarks about her GMA attire. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Ginger Zee had a short and sweet comeback for a critic who deemed her Good Morning America ensemble “inappropriate.”

The ABC chief meteorologist has become known not only for delivering the nation’s forecast to GMA viewers every morning but also for her keen sense of style.

So, when Ginger was forced to defend herself against the social media fashion police, it was a bit shocking.

Ginger recently donned a stylish and figure-flattering hot pink top with a mock neck and a matching pencil skirt for a recent morning segment, paired with a nude-colored belt and matching heels.

Ginger gave her fans a glimpse at her GMA weather garb — an oldie but goodie from Max Mara — in an Instagram post, posing next to her “weather team,” Senior Meteorologist and Weather Producer for ABC News, Max Golembo, and ABC News meteorologist and producer Samantha Wnek.

After seeing Ginger during her morning segment, although she looked fantastic, there was one critic whose comment on X (formerly Twitter) caught her attention.

An X user with the handle @Larryrm58 took it upon themselves to call out Ginger for dressing “inappropriately” on the job, although they were mistaken about what she was actually wearing.

Ginger Zee’s critic accuses her of lacking ‘class’ and baring her midriff on Good Morning America

The comment on X read, “@Ginger_Zee why are you showing your stomach on TV. Come on. Show some class. Be a role model.”

“Wear clothing appropriately for the show,” the disparaging comment continued. “For God’s sake it’s January.”

As Ginger pointed out in her comeback, she was not exposing her midsection. Her belt was nude-colored and may have appeared to be her midriff at first glance, but she quickly set the record straight.

Ginger fires back at her critic and receives an outpouring of support from her fans

“Not my skin… take a closer look,” Ginger fired back, including a segment clip.

Ginger took her clap back one step further when she then put @Larryrm58 on blast, retweeting his original message and writing, “Hi Larry, that was a belt, not my midrift. It is snakeskin …”

Despite what Larry thought, Ginger was met with a healthy dose of supportive comments from her fans.

One of Ginger’s admirers said they were taught “better never to judge women based on how they dress or look,” calling Larry’s comment a “new level of immaturity.”

“At [what] point will men’s obsession with criticizing women about what they wear stop?” asked another.

ginger zee's twitter followers show her support after a critic took aim at her outfit
Ginger’s fans showed her their support and called out Larry. Pic credit:@denniskelvinjo/@LeezleC/@bryantaylor2000/@Latenite72/X

Another one of Ginger’s supporters told her she didn’t need to explain herself to “that Karen…”

“There’s just people who are miserable every day of their life,” added another one of Ginger’s followers. “They wake up to say something negative.”

Ginger’s #nonewclothes challenge has gone viral on social media

Ginger’s fans know that her wardrobe lately consists of only recycled pieces. That’s because the climate enthusiast has pledged not to buy any new clothing to promote sustainability and eliminate fast fashion.

Using the hashtag #nonewclothes, started by Remake, Ginger hasn’t purchased any new clothing items in nearly two years.

Still, Ginger manages to look put together every morning on Good Morning America, proving that clothes don’t need to be brand new to look fabulous.

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