Ginger Zee fires back at critic who says her GMA outfit is ‘not a good look’

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Ginger fired back at a naysayer online. Pic credit: © Callahan/AcePictures

Ginger Zee’s fashion choices may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s okay with that.

The popular Good Morning America meteorologist often shares her TV looks with her millions of fans.

Most times, Ginger’s followers are impressed with her fashion choices, especially since she hasn’t bought any new clothing in nearly two years and still manages to look fantastic.

But the 43-year-old’s most recent on-air wardrobe caused a bit of a stir.

Taking to Instagram ahead of the weekend, Ginger shared some footage of herself in her GMA dressing room.

Ginger wore a black dress with yellow accents as she recorded herself with her cell phone.

“Listen, I am beyond grateful to get to dress up in my church clothes every single day,” Ginger began. “But there are days where I look over here at my sweatpants and think, ‘I can’t wait to get these back on today.'”

In the caption of the Reel, Ginger added, “I’m all sorts of blessed but also… Get me those sweatpants 😂 #fridayfeeling #dressup #churchclothes #sweatpants.”

Ginger Zee fires back at a critic who didn’t like her GMA on-air look

Ginger’s upload was liked by nearly 4,600 of her 1.1 million Instagram followers, and many of her fans headed to the comments to gush over her on-air look.

But there was one comment from a naysayer that caught Ginger’s attention.

“That dress!!!!!! Not a good look!” wrote @eyecrossinghookset.

Ginger responded to the criticism, telling the killjoy, “Sorry you aren’t a fan! Can’t please them all.”

ginger zee responds to a critic's comment on instagram
Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Ginger doesn’t purchase any new clothes in an effort to save the environment

As we mentioned, Ginger hasn’t purchased any new clothes in nearly two years. That’s because she’s taking part in the #NoNewClothes challenge.

Ginger has sported nothing but second-hand, rented, or recycled outfits since making the online pledge.

Remake describes the advantages of participating in the movement on their website, citing, “reduce your carbon footprint, build healthy psychological habits, limit the waste you send to landfill, and keep your hard-earned dollars from companies that don’t provide their garment workers living wages or safe working conditions.”

Ginger takes the challenge so seriously that she even refuses to replace a pair of Ugg boots that have worn a hole in them.

Instead, Ginger vowed to patch her trusty boots rather than buy a new pair, something she caught flak for from critics who felt she was taking the movement a step too far.

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