Drew Carey tells wild story about Phish concert and drugs on late night TV

drew carey face shot from after midnight on cbs
Drew Carey appeared as a guest on After Midnight with Taylor Tomlinson. Pic credit: CBS

The audience, host, and celebrity guests weren’t ready for Drew Carey’s crazy description of a Phish concert during his late-night television appearance!

The 65-year-old actor and comedian currently appears as the host of the daytime game show The Price Is Right.

However, he was recently up for a late-night guest spot on After Midnight with Taylor Tomlinson.

Carey appeared as a guest on the show along with singer Weird Al Yankovic and actor Thomas Lennon.

During The Talk Show part of Tomlinson’s show, she asked Carey what he would share if the cameras weren’t filming him at the moment.

From there, the former star of The Drew Carey Show told an outlandish story about his wild experience at a Phish concert.

Drew Carey talks about drugs and more in his wild concert story

According to Carey, attending a Phish concert that coincided with 4/20 in Las Vegas, Nevada, was an incredible life-altering experience he’ll never forget.

During After Midnight, he left his podium in between Weird Al and Lennon to speak directly to the camera about the musical event, which took place at Vegas’ Sphere at the Venetian Resort. The 18,600-seat auditorium features an immersive video and audio experience, which it seems the band took full advantage of.

“Never saw a Phish. Didn’t know a Phish tune,” he said as the audience laughed, adding, “And they blew my mind off so hard.”

He explained he had a “bunch of girls” with him and wondered if it was similar to a sexual experience.

“People that were there can verify- 100 percent true. This is what it’s like. It was like being edged for four days straight,” he said, bringing more laughs.

“Right before the face-melting climax at the end on the fourth day, an angel comes down from heaven, Gabriel, and he shoots f***in’ heroin in your arm, and he says ‘Good luck now, motherf****ers,’ and he leaves, and then you have an orgasm for 15 minutes while your eyeballs fall out of your head,” Carey explained.

Tomlinson looked shocked but amused as her audience applauded Carey’s wild description of the concert experience.

“Next time they play the sphere, you better not miss it,” he said, which was quite the endorsement for Phish’s concert in Las Vegas.

After Carey’s return to the podium, Lennon said it would be “really neat to watch this later and see what this comes out as.”

“People will ask for interviews about that day that you were there,” he joked, adding, “You don’t have to give them, but you can.”

“HR wants to talk to all of you,” Lennon said, getting more laughs from the crowd.

“We can definitely use all of that,” Tomlinson said.

“I don’t want you to take my next sentence as any indication that we can’t use it. Oh, you’d like to pass? Ok.

“Thomas, What would you replace Arbor Day with?” she asked, prompting Lennon to reply, “I don’t think there’s any universe where we’re still doing bits after that.”

To add to the story, Carey also shared a pretty wild tweet this week that included him saying he’d “met God tonight for real.”

He included a video clip from his time at the Vegas Phish concert.

Carey competed in After Midnight finals against Weird Al Yankovic

Tomlinson’s unique late-night program has a format like a game show, where her guests compete in various segments based on social media and pop culture.

During Carey’s episode, he and Weird Al advanced to the show’s final segment.

The host revealed they would compete in writing a southern variation of a Shakespeare sentence.

“Does Bubba have two b’s, or not two b’s? That is the question,” Carey’s answer said.

“If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us…yoooooou might be a redneck,” Weird Al’s answer said.

The second answer received louder cheers and applause from the audience, and Weird Al won a lumbar support pillow from the show.

Carey may have won over some Phish fans and helped the group promote their music.

His tale about the Phish concert was one of the wildest descriptions of a musical experience, and it may even sell a bunch more shows for their next appearance at Vegas Sphere!

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