The Price Is Right viewers shocked by contestant in Showcase Showdown bidding

the price is right host drew carey face shot from cbs
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey during an April 2024 episode. Pic credit: CBS

Viewers were amazed by a contestant on The Price Is Right who seemed to make history with his bid.

The longtime game show, currently hosted by Drew Carey, features a series of games involving correctly estimating or guessing the prices of various products.

Contestants also have a shot at even more prizes during the Showcase Showdown at the end of the show.

Each contestant must give a total bid for one of the two prize packages, and the bid can’t exceed the actual total price. Whichever contestant comes closest to the actual cost of the prize package without going over wins.

Some big-ticket items often include all-expense trips, cars, hot tubs, and home furnishings.

Viewers saw an impressive edition of the Showcase Showdown and reacted to a contestant’s incredible bidding, which some believe was historic.

Contestant impresses in the Showcase Showdown

The Price Is Right recently shared video footage from a contestant’s “Insanely close guess” during the Showcase Showdown.

“This accuracy is unmatched,” they wrote in their Instagram caption.

In the clip, Richie had to bid on a prize package that included meal kits, a smart home package, and a Chevy Trax. He went with $33,250.

Meanwhile, Shelli was bidding on a showcase that included trips to Hawaii, Sydney, Australia, and a new boat. She bid $29,000.

Unfortunately for Shelli, the actual price was $43,257. Although her bid didn’t go over the total, she was still over $14,000 off.

As for Richie, Drew revealed that the actual cost of his showcase was $33,268, meaning his bid was just $18 under.

Due to his bid being that close, the buzzers and bells started to sound as the crowd cheered. Drew informed him that he’d won both the prize packages.

“Off by $18. Holy smokes. Wow!” Drew said as Charlie hugged Shelli.

The Price Is Right viewers reacted to ‘amazing’ win

Viewers had lots to say in the IG post’s comment section as they reacted to Richie’s impressive bidding.

“I have been waiting for y’all to post this, so I can watch this again. It was amazing to see it when it aired. It was wild,” one commenter wrote.

“I was too hyped for him,” another commented.

“WOW! That’s the best Double Showcase win ever!!” a commenter said, while another wrote, “That was probably the second or third closest Showcase bid of all time.”

screenshot from instagram as viewers react to the price is right showcase showdown accuracy
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

Another commenter asked for The Price Is Right to weigh in on whether this was the “CLOSEST showcase bid” in the show’s history. As of this writing, the show hadn’t replied to the commenter.

Double Showcase winner left with lots of big prizes

For those wondering, Shelli and Richie were among the first four contestants called down at the start of the April episode. Richie even danced a bit on camera before leaving his seat.

When he got his time on stage, he was unsuccessful in playing the Range Game for a brand new Volkswagen Jetta.

After competing on stage and winning the wheel spin round, he left the show with two showcases totaling over $76,500.

One included a new kitchen with a year of Every Plate meal kit delivery, a smart home package with wireless cameras, a smart doorbell, a smart home tablet featuring a virtual assistant, and a Chevy Trax SUV.

His other prize package included the trips mentioned above to Sydney, Australia, and Hawaii and a new 15-foot Bayliner Element boat with a trailer.

Not too shabby of a Price Is Right haul after some extremely accurate bidding!

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