The Price Is Right contestant achieves impressive win: ‘Best moment of my life’

the price is right host drew carey in april 2024 episode
Host Drew Carey on the set of The Price Is Right. Pic credit: CBS

While most games on The Price Is Right require price and number-guessing skills, other aspects involve luck or some athletic skill.

That’s the case with the game show’s golf game, which is appropriately called Hole In One. An improbable win arrived in a clip from the show just as the PGA’s Masters Tournament was underway at Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia.

In The Price Is Right’s game, contestants rank six grocery items from least to most expensive. They move a line closer to the golf hole for each price they get right.

Once they’ve finished trying to rank the prices, they have two chances to get a hole-in-one on the game’s small putting green.

If they do, they win their prize, usually a brand-new car.

A recent social media post from the show revealed a contestant who achieved an “incredible” and maybe improbable win after admitting she didn’t know how to golf.

A contestant gets a surprising win on Price Is Right

A contestant named Rebecca played Hole In One with her husband, Zachary, in the audience to cheer her on. Rebecca admitted she never golfed, but her husband does.

Host Drew Carey showed her the basics of how to hold the club and said they got to use “cheater” clubs to make it easier to line up a shot.

In a funny moment, Drew asked Rebecca if she was left or right-handed and she claimed “right” before Drew asked her husband.

“She’s left-handed in golf,” her husband yelled as audience members laughed.

Drew then demonstrated a putt on their game’s green, slightly missing the hole.

“Just that easy,” he told Rebecca after trying to get a hole-in-one.

Rebecca’s putt came from the second line due to her earlier ranking of prices. She hit the ball, which seemed she may have hit harder than necessary as it went past the hole.

However, much like a setup on a mini-golf course, the ball ricocheted off the back part of the game’s setup and went right back into the hole.

As one can imagine, the contestant was ecstatic with her win and jumped up and down. Her husband and the rest of the audience also cheered as Rebecca won the new Kia Soul.

Several days ago, an episode of The Price Is Right featured a contestant losing Hole In One, which showed the game’s difficulty for non-golfers.

Fans of the show reacted to Rebecca’s win in the Instagram post’s comment section, with one commenter calling it an “incredible shot.”

“I was screaming with you!! Good job. I couldn’t do it if I tried,” another commenter wrote.

An individual also said they hoped she took home the “winning ball” as a souvenir to go with that new car.

screenshot as the price is right fans react to woman winning new car
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

Contestant reacted to her ‘amazing’ win

The Price Is Right winner also dropped by the comment section to celebrate her win.

“WE MADE IT!!!! Omg hahaha best moment of my life,” she wrote.

“Amazing putt! Enjoy your new car—you earned it!” The Price Is Right replied.

screenshot of the price is right comments from winner and show
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

The text on the custom t-shirts Rebecca and Zachary wore suggested they’d traveled a long way from Boston, Massachusetts, to California to participate in The Price Is Right and meet Drew.

Based on the results of their trip, they are probably happy they made the extensive trek for Rebecca to sink the impressive hole-in-one.

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