The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey and models take on Montana Boyz in must-see music video clip

the price is right host drew carey face shot
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey appears in an April 2024 episode. Pic credit: CBS

It may be time for the Montana Boyz to move over as a new viral sensation featuring The Price Is Right stars arrived.

Model Amber Lancaster shared a video clip featuring the Luke Combs song One Number Away, only this was performed by “The Price Is Right Boyz.”

In the clip, viewers see Amber, fellow model Manuela Arbelaez, announcer George Gray, and another individual from the show’s production crew.

They appear in a line one by one, lipsynching the lyrics of the Combs’ song and making a phone call gesture with their hands, similar to how the Montana Boyz did.

Drew Carey makes his big appearance at the end of the line, with The Price Is Right host closing out the entertaining performance.

“@tMontana Boyz are alright but have you seen The Price Is Right boyz?! 🔥,” Amber wrote in her TikTok video’s caption.


@Montana Boyz are cool and all but have you seen @The Price Is Right boyz?! 🔥 #montanaboys #onenumberaway #thepriceisright #setlife #bts

♬ One Number Away – Luke Combs

Fans reacted to ‘The Price Is Right Boyz’ viral video

Amber shared the video to her TikTok and Instagram, where fans reacted to the new Price Is Right group’s performance. Based on the feedback, fans were gushing over how great it was.

“Somewhere in the world Kristin Cavallari is having major FOMO!” one comment said.

Another commenter wrote: “Montana Boyz can just step aside now,” with a crying laughing emoji.

“Wins the Internet,” a fan wrote in the comments.

screenshot of fan comments on the price is right model amber lancaster viral video
Pic credit: @amberlancaster/Instagram

Many fans marveled that even The Price Is Right host got involved in the fun video.

“As if I couldn’t love Drew any more,” a commenter wrote, adding,” You and Manuela are my fav duo on TPIR!!”

Another commented, “Stoppppp, not Drew too,” with crying laughing, and skull emojis.

screenshot as fans react to the price is right crew taking on montana boyz viral video luke combs
Pic credit: @amberlancaster/Instagram

Who are the Montana Boyz?

The Montana Boyz are three content creators who have shared various clips on their popular TikTok page. According to E! Online, the viral group consists of Kaleb Campbell Winterburn, Kade Wilcox, and Mark Estes.

They officially formed in 2021 after “messing around” and uploading a video that hit big with online viewers.

“We were just messing around one day playing beer die, and we decided to make a quick TikTok together,” Kaleb said in an E! News interview featuring the group.

“It just blew up from there, so we were like, ‘Let’s run with it,'” he said.

The concept seen in Amber and The Price Is Montana Boyz first performed right crew’s video in a video they shared on February 13.

Their performance of Combs’ One Number Away in a TikTok clip has since garnered over 712,000 likes on the platform and 12,000 comments.

A commenter on The Price Is Right group’s video mentioned former reality TV star Kristin Cavallari. She’s a fan of the Montana Boyz and is currently dating Estes from the group.

Per E!, the group, originally from Montana, has since moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where they are pursuing new opportunities as their social media success continues.

The Price Is Right airs weekdays at 11/10c on CBS.

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