The Price Is Right host Drew Carey says ‘I love my job’ but fans criticized contestant’s win

drew carey face shot from 49th Daytime Emmy Awards Arrivals
Drew Carey is host of longtime gameshow, The Price Is Right. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Fans of The Price Is Right recently called out a contestant’s win, with some slamming the game or criticizing the prize winner for her efforts later in the show.

However, host Drew Carey expressed his happiness over seeing the individual walk away with an exciting prize while he was there.

The game show features a range of games involving guessing prices and one contestant recently won a car at what many believe to be a challenging price-guessing game.

However, another contestant’s recent win in a well-known game didn’t receive as much fan praise.

With the Range Game, the prize is typically a vacation, which was the case for the latest edition, as the contestant was trying to win a trip to Costa Rica.

The gameboard featured a range of prices from $11,000 to $11,600, and the trip’s price is somewhere in that range. A $150 red range finder moved up the board over the numbers.

To win, the contestant must press a button to stop the range finder once they believe it is sitting over an area containing the correct trip price.

The Price Is Right contestant won a valuable trip

After getting called onto the stage, a contestant on The Price Is Right learned she could win a trip to beautiful Costa Rica.

The trip included round-trip coach tickets for the contestant and a guest, a rental car, and a six-night stay at the five-star Gaia Hotel and Nature Reserve. Daily breakfast and a guided tour of the nature reserve were also included.

After the announcer provided details about the trip on the line, host Drew Carey told the contestant to “take it away,” and the ranger finder started moving.

With some help from friends, family, or others in the crowd, the contestant stopped the range finder over a range from about $11,190 to $11,330.

Soon after, Drew called for those in charge of the game’s electronics to “Light it up.”

“Perfect,” he said as the woman jumped up and down before running over to hug a model.

“I love my job,” Drew said after witnessing the contestant’s excitement over the win.

Later in the show, the contestant was one of three individuals who got a chance to spin the big wheel to qualify for the Showcase Showdown.

However, the contestant who previously won the trip to Costa Rica couldn’t give the wheel a complete spin.

That resulted in it not going all the way around and audience members booing her until Drew told her to give it another spin. Unfortunately, her second attempt didn’t go any better.

Drew eventually assisted her in spinning the wheel, but she went over $1 between her two spins, eliminating her.

Some TPIR fans criticized the Range Game and contestant after the win

While Drew might love his job, it seems not all viewers love the Range Game or view it as too difficult to win.

Various comments arrived as a reaction to The Price Is Right’s clip, with fans offering feedback and criticism, which also targeted the contestant’s wheel-spinning efforts later in the show.

“Not a hard game to win … stops in the same area ALL the time,” a commenter wrote, adding, “Couldn’t spin the wheel for crap.”

Another commenter suggested that the trip was overpriced based on the final price they showed. They also seemed to indicate that the Range Game and the game (Un)Lucky Seven are used too much on the show.

“Her wheel spinning was WEAK!!” another commenter criticized the contestant.

screenshot comments of the price is right fans criticizing woman's win on range game
Price Is Right fans weigh in. Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

Additional comments arrived on the Instagram video clip, including one commenter saying, “It’s always next to the button!”

Another commenter slammed the show for choosing only contestants “in a big group or are women.”

screenshot as contestants criticize the price is right
More Price Is Right fans weigh in. Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

A previous contestant on The Price Is Right won himself a trip to Tahiti by guessing the correct price range.

The contestant stopped the range finder just below the middle point of the board over the trip’s correct price of $9,557.

That win, which occurred 10 years ago, also featured basketball legend Charles Barkley, who was on stage to offer support. After the show, The Price Is Right donated money to Barkley’s charity.

The Price Is Right airs weekdays at 11/10c on CBS.

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11 days ago

The “range game” isn’t as bad as some others, like that “stack the deck” game is AWFUL, and no matter HOW well you play, most people still lose, and it is the same with the traffic jam game! It could always be ANYTHING, so it’s more about GUESSING than it is PLAYING a game.

They should get rid of the “secret x” game too, because even when you play it perfectly, you can still lose, which isn’t fair, and lastly, EVERYBODY knows how the “10 chances” game is played, and if you DON’T, then you DESERVE to lose that game! It’s the easiest one they have, and people still manage to waste half of their chances, writing stupid amounts, lol!!

11 days ago

The show is just that a show. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. It a chance you take. For those that have a problem with price is right don’t go. It comes on t.v so you already know how it works. Oh, yeah Drew is just doing his job.