The Price Is Right contestant jumps on model, screaming as viewers praise impressive win

drew carey from the price is right
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey on stage. Pic credit: CBS

Sometimes, contestants on The Price Is Right can’t contain themselves after winning a big prize.

That was the case for one woman as she defeated “one of the hardest games” on the show.

The popular game show, hosted by Drew Carey, features fan favorites and classics like Plinko, Cliff Hangers, and Safe Crackers.

In a recent episode, one woman participated in the game known as Stack the Deck.

A new car was on the line, making for an excellent prize for most people, and the contestant had plenty of support from the audience.

Her enthusiasm was apparent based on her post-victory response, as fans also reacted to seeing the winning contestant.

Contestant defeats ‘one of the hardest games’ on The Price Is Right

In Stack the Deck, a brand new car is usually on the line, with a contestant able to win the vehicle by correctly guessing its price. The game features seven cards with numbers on them and five open spots above them.

The price of the vehicle typically has five numbers. The contestant can “stack the deck” in their favor by correctly guessing prices on various household items.

For each one they get right, Drew places a corresponding card in its correct spot for the car’s price.

There’s the potential to get three cards placed, but that still leaves the contestant with two numbers to guess to try to win the car.

The Real Price is Right Instagram shared a clip of one woman recently participating in Stack the Deck.

During the clip, the woman received some help from friends in The Price is Right audience as she correctly got the price of Sandwich Bros. Chicken Melts, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and a scented candle.

Due to her correct guesses, she received three numbers in their proper spots for the car’s price. With a bit more help from the audience, she guessed the price’s first two numbers.

With a final price of $27,634, Drew revealed that she’d won a brand new Nissan Altima S!

The contestant’s excitement was evident as she began screaming and jumping up before rushing over to the model, standing next to the car, and jumping to hug him.

Viewers react to contestant’s big TPIR win

Viewers expressed various thoughts about the latest win on The Price Is Right, including several who agreed they would have also run to the model.

“Right into his arms!!!” a commenter wrote, with another praising the gameshow contestant’s victory as an “Awesome win.”

screenshot from the price is right video on instagram as viewers react to contestant win

Another commenter wrote: “Glad she won cause this is one of the hardest games to me, so far I never get [it] right playing from home.”

“So fabulous!!! I missed the show this morning. Congratulations!!” a fan wrote in the comment section.

“Don’t see many win at this game. Big congrats!” another commenter said.

screenshot show the price is right viewers praise stack the deck win in instagram comments
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

Drew once called it a ‘miracle’ someone won Stack the Deck

While some viewers may have expressed opinions in the past about contestants jumping on the host and models, it seems it will continue with the excitement over a big win.

The Price Is Right uploaded a video last year showing another contestant winning Stack the Deck. After her win, she excitedly rushed over to the model and wrapped her legs around him for a hug.

The woman won a Jeep Renegade Sport Crossover after guessing its price was $24,183.

Carey also cheered after that win. He called it a “miracle” that “someone won Stack the Deck” and high-fived a model standing next to him.

“U-S-A! U-S-A!” Carey said as he pumped a fist in the air, asking, “Do you believe in miracles?”

The Price Is Right airs weekdays at 11/10c on CBS.

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Jenny Burch
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Kenny Halko
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That is called luck that is all luck

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I hear the taxes r so much many contestant can’t pay

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I expect the Price Is Right to give away trips to Dubai, Qatar, India, Austin, Dallas, and Houston.