Jeff Dye is furious at Kristin Cavallari for telling his DUI story ‘for clicks’

Jeff Dye and Kristin Cavallari close ups
Jefff Dye put Kristin Cavallari on blast after she told his DUI story. Pic credit: © Thompson

It’s safe to say that exes Jeff Dye and Kristin Cavallari aren’t on good terms.

The comedian and the reality TV star only dated for about five months and have been broken up for more than two years.

So it’s not clear why Kristin is even telling stories about her time with Jeff or what he’s been through.

It seems Jeff also wants to know why she’s talking about him — or possibly he does know — because Jeff thinks Kristin brought him up in an effort to get “clicks.”

He recently appeared on Marco DelVecchio’s Smoochie Town podcast, and that’s where he addressed Kristin telling his personal story on her podcast back in October.

Kristin recalled Jeff’s DUI and hit-and-run arrest, which she talked openly about on Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari, something he was very much not okay with.

She shared that Jeff was arrested for a DUI and hit-and-run accident in the middle of their meetup.

Jeff Dye takes aim at Kristin Cavallari for sharing his personal business ‘for clicks’

Jeff Dye is clearly angry at his ex-girlfriend for talking about legal matters he hadn’t even divulged.

On Thursday, he opened up about it while appearing on the Smoochie Town podcast, telling Marco DelVecchio that Kristin shared details about his arrest “for clicks” and said that she gave “zero f**ks” about his privacy.

Continuing to blast the Uncommon James owner, he said, “F**k her. It’s not her story to tell.”

He continued, “I had experiences with you that I didn’t go tell everyone. Those were also my experiences when you were f**king off with all these other people.”

Jeff Dye was romantically linked to another reality star

Kristin Cavallari isn’t the only reality star that comedian Jeff Dye has been linked to romantically.

Before she got married to Ryan Dawkins, Clare Crawley was spotted at a Lakers game with Jeff.

He quickly denied there was a romance thought, and even if there was, Clare has since moved on, gotten married, and welcomed her first child.

“Since my breakup, I basically just do comedy, write, yoga and watch late-night short films about romance,” Jeff told Us Weekly. 

“I met Clare and she’s awesome but if sitting by someone at a Lakers game means I’m dating someone, I guess me and my friend Richard have been in a relationship for years.”

In the past, Jeff Dye has been linked to Rebecca Quin and Sara Jean Underwood. He is currently single.

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