Survivor fans share their anger about Hunter McKnight getting voted out and not using his Immunity Idol

Hunter On Survivor 46
Hunter McKnight was part of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Hunter McKnight was voted out on the latest Survivor 46 episode.

During an episode where Hunter continuously said he was about to use his Hidden Immunity Idol, his safety seemed guaranteed.

But then Hunter didn’t use his Idol, the target shifted to him after a split vote, and Hunter was suddenly the third jury member.

It seemed like Hunter was on a trajectory to possibly win Survivor 46, especially due to how good he was at challenges.

Having found a Hidden Immunity Idol, Hunter could always fall back on that if he failed to win a challenge.

When Charlie Davis won the latest Immunity Challenge on Episode 9, Hunter should have been ready to use his Idol.

Survivor fans react to Hunter being voted out and not using Immunity Idol

Many Survivor fans were frustrated and upset about Hunter getting voted out. But they weren’t just mad at the other castaways. They were also upset that he never played his Hidden Immunity Idol.

Below are some social media reactions from Survivor fans following that fateful episode.

“Now why would you tell them you have the idol, Hunter??? This would’ve been an epic blindside!! #Survivor #Survivor46,” wrote one Survivor fan.

“Cant believe this is how hunter went out… I’m actually embarrassed #Survivor #survivor46,” wrote another fan.

Another Hunter fan was pretty mad about what happened. They couldn’t believe Hunter told people about his Idol and then didn’t play it.

“So Hunter had the ability to play his idol and blindside everyone and essentially would’ve been able to cast a single vote to eliminate someone, and instead decides to… tell everyone?! #Survivor #Survivor46,” wrote the angry Survivor fan.

Hunter poked some fun at himself for what happened, as evidenced in the short clip shared below.

One Survivor fan critiqued Hunter’s game and called it a “brutal exit” from the show.

“Hunter was a physical threat but that was an absolutely brutal exit. Finding idols and winning challenges can only take you so far sometimes. He had a strong social strategic start with Tevin and then it went downhill from there. Idol in pocket sucks #Survivor #Survivor46,” they wrote.

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