Survivor host Jeff Probst speaks about a player trying to quit on latest episode

Jeff Probst Fiji 43
Jeff Probst always has interesting thoughts about Survivor castaways. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor fans nearly saw another player quit the game, this time because he seemingly felt guilty for the chaos he caused ahead of the Tribal Council.

But was he trying to quit or using a strategy? Host Jeff Probst weighed in on Q Burdette’s nutty behavior and had an interesting take on what he saw in Fiji.

As a reminder, a new episode aired on April 17 that featured a shocking moment at the Tribal Council. While discussions about the upcoming vote were taking place, Q interrupted and suggested everyone vote him out.

He was feeling emotional about a recent conversation with Hunter McKnight and how he had revealed too much about plans that were in place for the elimination vote.

Q had first pressed for Tiffany Ervin to be voted out when he suspected Tiffany of turning against his six-person alliance. And when the vote shifted to Tevin Davis being the target, Q went to Hunter to warn him.

As we all saw at the Tribal Council, Tevin was eliminated in a one-sided vote. Q didn’t even receive any votes, as Hunter and Tevin voted against Venus Vafa.

Jeff Probst weighs in on the Q quitting strategy

“I absolutely do not think Q was attempting to quit in the same way Sean and Hannah quit last season,” Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly.

Jeff referred to Hannah Rose and Sean Edwards who asked to be voted out during Survivor 45. They were granted an early elimination from the game, frustrating Survivor fans who couldn’t believe people would just quit.

It seemed like Q was heading down that same path at the Tribal Council, but Jeff appears to have seen things differently.

“Any speculation about Q has to begin with this caveat: Q is an enigma. Therefore, one can only hazard a guess as to his motives for any move he makes in the game! We’ve never had anyone like him before,” Jeff elaborated.

“I think Q could and would stay out in the jungle and survive for months if he thought it would benefit him in some way. Q is very determined and not afraid of hard work,” Jeff added in his latest EW interview.

So did Q plan to do this to create chaos? If that was his plan, then it worked to perfection. While it stirred things up, it may not have been the best move for his game. We will have to keep tuning in to find out for sure.

More from Survivor 46

A deleted Survivor scene reveals Q critiquing each cast member. He shared his opinions on each of the remaining players and shaded a few players, including Hunter and Kenzie Petty.

Venus also had a secret scene revealed where she spoke about why she didn’t need to help her tribe. It helped show why she was interacting with certain people the way that she was.

And CBS has also revealed the Survivor 46 finale date. It’s coming up quickly on the calendar, showing how close we are to learning who won the $1 million prize in Fiji.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS

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