Survivor recap: An alliance implodes, chaos takes over, and Tribal Council becomes ‘bonkers’ and ‘confusing’

Q Survivor 46
Q Burdette finished in sixth place on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor 46 debuted on Wednesday night. It featured the final 10 players jockeying for position.

During the previous Survivor episode, two people were eliminated by blindsides. It was a shocking installment, with Soda Thompson and Tim Spicer getting voted out.

Tim got sent home, while Soda became the first Survivor 46 jury member. It means we will see much more from Soda later this season.

The new episode began with the final 10 players reacting to what happened at Tribal Council. Ben Katzman was hurt from losing his friend Tim.

Q Burdette spoke during a confessional about how he was frustrated with people giggling and having fun after the big vote.

Kenzie Petty, Q, and Tiffany Ervin were shocked Soda got eliminated instead of Venus Vafa. They were also shocked that Venus took credit for the vote.

Survivor 46, Episode 8 recap

Tevin Davis and Liz Wilcox were behind the Soda vote and reacted differently to Venus taking credit. Tevin was fine with someone else taking the blame, while Liz wanted some credit (she blamed her ego).

The six-person alliance that Tim had been in sought out having Charlie Davis take his spot. But he was hesitant since he knew one of their numbers was just targeted.

As a reminder, that six-person group was Q, Tiff, Hunter McKnight, Tevin, Maria Gonzalez, and Tim.

Later, Q gets a Hide ‘n Seek game started in Fiji. Charlie was the seeker and it was pretty intense. Ben and Hunter won. Ben blended into the grass in plain sight, while Hunter hid in the tree next to camp.

Venus and Q gave confessionals and read into how each person played Hide ‘n Seek and compared to their Survivor tactics.

When Tiff brought up possibly targeting Maria (to Q), Q started creating new chaos. Q told Kenzie that Tiff had an Immunity Idol. And suddenly Tiff became a target.

An important Immunity Challenge on Day 16

Nearly 40 minutes into the episode, they finally got to the latest Immunity Challenge. This was the challenge where castaways had to hold onto a poll. The last person left holding on would win Individual Immunity.

Host Jeff Probst offered enough rice to last until the end of the season if four players volunteered to sit out. He also said if two people gave up their vote, he would let everyone play while gaining the rice.

Nobody wanted to sit out… at first. After much chat, Q volunteered to sit out. Then Liz also volunteered. They couldn’t get to four people who would sit out for rice and all 10 players prepared to compete. This is the first time in the New Era of Survivor a tribe has not walked away with the rice.

Q and Liz were quickly out of the challenge. Kenzie was out shortly later. Ben was out fourth. Maria was out soon after Ben. Four players from that group should have sat out to get that rice since they all lasted fewer than two minutes.

Tiff and Tevin were out after “several” minutes. Hunter, Charlie, and Venus were the only three left at the 15-minute mark. When Venus dropped, it was down to Charlie and Hunter battling for the Immunity Necklace.

Hunter McKnight won Individual Immunity and would be safe at Tribal Council.

Who got voted out on the April 17 episode of Survivor 46?

Ahead of the Tribal Council, Liz began pushing to have Tevin voted out. She was frustrated that he was taking credit for moves she felt she was making.

Many people had been ready to target Tiffany, including Q. But when the idea to vote against Tevin got to Tiff, she went to Q about it. He was not pleased because he felt he was no longer in control. So Q went to Hunter. It created more drama because Hunter was working with Tevin. And Hunter wanted to save Tevin.

Venus wasn’t happy about being left out of chats.

When they finally got to the Tribal Council, the atmosphere was tense.

Shortly after the chat began, Q interrupted and said he was getting voted out next. It appeared that he was asking to be voted out, but most of the other players were shocked. They wouldn’t let him quit and wouldn’t vote for Q.

Ben said it was “bonkers” what was happening and Tiff said she was “confused” by what Q said. Jeff Probst then sat back as the players broke into separate chats about what they should do. It went on for a while. It was a mess.

“Never seen anything like this before,” Jeff said ahead of the voting.

Jeff read the votes as Venus, Tevin, Venus, Tevin, Tevin, Tevin, Tevin, and Tevin.

Tevin Davis was voted out and became the second jury member.

Here are details about the upcoming Survivor season finale.

In a deleted scene, Q broke down the gameplay of each castaway. He shaded several players.

Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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