Survivor recap: Two castaways go home during dramatic episode

Maria Survivor 46
Maria Gonzalez made it to the finals six on the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor saw the end of two castaways in Fiji.

There was immediate drama as Venus Vafa was upset that someone had voted for her at the previous Tribal Council.

Everyone else voted for Moriah Gaynor, who got sent packing before the merge was complete.

Venus accused Soda Thompson of voting for her, but it wasn’t Soda who did it. Q was pleased this was happening, but it was short-lived.

Feeling tension at camp, Charlie Davis came clean about voting for Venus. It led to Q Burdette pulling Charlie aside and telling him it was a bad game move. Suddenly, Charlie was then gunning for Q.

Ben Katzman suffered a panic attack after waking up in the middle of the night. He was calmed down by Kenzie Petty, who gave a confessional about how she was well-versed in anxiety.

Survivor 46, Episode 7, recap

Day 14 hit roughly eight minutes into the episode, and it was time to compete again. Jeff Probst congratulated everyone who had made it to the merge and got right to the latest Immunity Challenge.

The challenge involved balancing on a platform out on the water. But there was a twist. Two groups of six were randomly drawn. One person from each group would become safe by winning individual immunity. But two people would also go home (one from each group).

The person who lasted the longest would win their team a nice buffet of drinks, sandwiches, and desserts. It included coffee and tea.

Immunity Challenge from Survivor 46, Episode 7

Soda, Liz, Maria, Charlie, Tevin, and Venus were on one team.

Tiff, Kenzie, Hunter, Ben, Tim, and Q were on the other team.

Q and Soda were out at the first transition. Ben was out seconds later. Charlie, Venus, Liz, Tim, and Hunter quickly fell after being asked to stand on one foot. Then Tiff was out and Kenzie won Immunity from her group before dropping. Only Tevin and Maria remained. Maria then won, and her group got the feast.

Kenzie and Maria were safe from the vote. Soda, Liz, Maria, Charlie, Tevin, and Venus enjoyed the meal.

The tribes were then separated for the rest of the episode, making them debate within their group about who would get voted out.

Two Tribal Councils during the April 10 episode of Survivor 46

Q, Kenzie, and Tiff couldn’t get on the same page as their group debated who to vote out. It led to some drama for the trio of former Yanu members. Kenzie and Tiff got upset with Q about “barking orders” at them. However, the consensus was that Ben or Tim would get voted out. Other people mentioned that it was time to vote out Hunter.

Jeff read the votes as Hunter, Hunter, Tim, Tim, Tim, and Tim (in that order).

Tim Spicer was voted out at the first Tribal Council. He is the last person eliminated before the jury phase.

The group with Soda, Liz, Maria, Charlie, Tevin, and Venus featured four former Nima members. Maria was safe, so Charlie should have been the odd man out. But Nima was melting down, leading to some people wanting Venus out and others pushing to get Soda out.

Jeff read the votes as Soda, Venus, Venus, Soda, Soda, and Soda (in that order). She got blindsided.

Soda Thompson was voted out at the second Tribal Council. Soda is now the first member of the Survivor 46 jury.

CBS has announced the Survivor 46 season finale date. We are only a few more weeks from learning the name of the Survivor 46 winner.

A Survivor alum even gave Jeff Probst advice about how Merge Challenges should look in the future. Many fans agree with her.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available to stream on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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