Venus reveals why she won’t help tribe on Survivor 46 ‘secret scene’

Venus Survivor Episode
Venus Vafa has made a name for herself on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A “secret scene” from Survivor 46 has been released, giving Venus Vafa some additional screen time.

This deleted scene would have been fun to watch during the episode, but the producers have had to cut lots of footage this year.

The Nami Tribe has been extremely successful on Survivor 46, winning safety in the first five Immunity Challenges.

Venus, Tevin Davis, Soda Thompson, Liz Wilcox, Hunter McKnight, and Randen Montalvo have been impressive.

Unfortunately for Randen, he was removed from the game due to a medical emergency. But the remaining five members of the tribe have continued the winning trend.

Back at camp, Tevin called Venus “rude and snarky” in this clip. It was an interesting deleted scene that showed the tribe members interacting.

Now, a new clip has been released that has Venus as the star.

Survivor 46 deleted scene featuring Venus Vafa

“Where do they find the energy?” Venus said to herself as the video began.

Venus was watching Soda and Tevin bring the boat back to shore.

“You guys need help?” she asks before muttering, “I’m not helping.”

Venus then spoke about the tribe having 10 straight days of winning (they had been safe from every Tribal Council) and that she was getting bored.

Later, she explains how she doesn’t want to waste calories helping around camp.

“Screw all of you because I’m not going to waste what little calories I have to help around camp,” Venus says during a diary session.

The video continues with Venus at camp and shows why she feels she shouldn’t have to help.

Watch the video and decide how you feel about it. Should Venus have helped more around camp? Or is this a winning strategy for conserving energy?

More Survivor news

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Host Jeff Probst also defended having Bhanu on the Survivor 46. He spoke at length about choosing to make him a cast member and that Bhanu deserved the spot.  

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Below is an extended version of the Survivor 46 deleted scene. It features Soda doing work at camp with little energy. It also shows them catching fish and taking out the rowboat. That’s about when Venus takes center stage.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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