Tevin from Survivor 46 calls Venus ‘rude and snarky’ in new clip from scene that was cut

Venus Survivor 46
Venus Vafa is a part of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 has already featured some tense moments for the Nami Tribe, despite the group winning its first two Immunity Challenges.

Even winning hasn’t helped the six tribe members escape the drama that can come from living in an uncomfortable environment and barely being fed.

Footage from the first two episodes has shown that Venus Vafa is on the outs with her tribe, and a new clip that includes Tevin Davis might explain some of what viewers are not seeing.

Venus has spoken about feeling ostracized by other members of the Nami Tribe, and Survivor fans noticed when Soda Thompson grabbed the Immunity Idol from her following the first Immunity Challenge.

Back at camp, Venus asked for some time to herself on Episode 2, rather than celebrating the important win the tribe had just experienced. She felt the tribe wasn’t listening to her in the challenge, leading to her foot being run over by a cart.

While the Yanu Tribe was working on selling Jess Chong on a fake Immunity Idol, important conversations were taking place at Nami.

A chat between Venus Vafa and Tevin Davis gets spicy

At the beginning of the clip below, Venus misspoke about collecting palm fronds, leading to a brief dust-up between her and Tevin.

Venus speaks to the camera about needing to close the gap in communication between herself and Tevin.

We then see the duo take a short walk together, and Venus speaks her piece.

“I feel like from the very beginning, it seemed like you, not purposely, but you didn’t even seem to wanna connect with me,” Venus told Tevin.

“Well,” Tevin began to answer as he was caught off-guard by the conversation topic.

“Okay, tell me,” Venus inserted.

“There’s a couple things that I feel that you say and do sometimes that are coming off a little bit rude and snarky,” Tevin explained as Venus leaned back with a look.

An argument followed, and Tevin spoke to the camera about the difficulties of it all.

Below is that new clip from Survivor 46, with dramatic responses from each castaway.

Surprisingly, this sequence was cut from Survivor 46, Episode 2, but the producers must have had a reason to feel it didn’t fit.

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Some Survivor fans were frustrated with how Jess was treated. It led to many viewers hoping that her former tribe would continue to lose upcoming challenges.

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Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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