Survivor recap: A Taylor Swift song battle, severe trash talk at Immunity Challenge, and someone got voted out

Charlie Davis Survivor 46
Charlie Davis is part of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode led to someone else getting voted off Survivor last night.

The episode picked up after the Tribal Council that sent home David Jelinsky on the season premiere.

Jelinsky was seen as quitting on his tribe several times, leading to him unanimously getting voted out by the Yanu Tribe.

At the Siga Tribe, Charlie Davis and Ben Katzman challenged each other to a song battle. For each Taylor Swift song Charlie named, Ben tried to match him with a Metallica song.

Charlie and Ben went back and forth for more than 100 song titles each, with Charlie eventually proving how much of a Swiftie he was by winning the battle.

Randen Montalvo found a Beware Advantage at Nami Tribe. He lost his vote, but if he could find a key, he could unlock a box with an Immunity Idol inside. But before that can happen, his tribe must lose a future Immunity Challenge.

Here are the Survivor 46 bios and tribes.

Trash Talk at the Survivor Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst welcomed everyone to the beach for a new Immunity Challenge midway through Episode 2. He revealed that Jelinsky had been voted out at the Tribal Council.

“Legendary,” said Tim Spicer from the Siga Tribe.

“Last name, first out,” joked Hunter McKnight from the Nami Tribe to shocked reactions from other castaways.

Q Burdette slowly got increasingly frustrated as other tribes were making jokes and comments about Jelinsky getting eliminated first.

“I guess, were there several reasons you guys voted him,” Charlie Davis from Siga joked, referring to how Jelinski thought “several” meant seven.

“There was more than several. There was more than seven. We’ll say that,” Kenzie Petty from Jelinsky’s former tribe added.

“Oh my God. The jokes keep coming,” Soda Thompson proclaimed as host Jeff Probst said, “Wow.”

Jeff turned the conversation to Q, asking him about being down a member and the other two tribes “taking a little joy” about what happened.

“How does that feel?” Jeff asked Q.

“Well, right now in this game Jeff, we’re the laughing stock,” Q shared, before saying they would see if the best five from the other tribes were better than their five.

“I could catch it. It’s fine. I like it,” Soda responded before adding, “How’s the food?” It was a low blow since Q’s tribe didn’t have supplies or food yet.

Venus Vafa tried to calm down her fellow tribe member (Soda), but Soda proclaimed “He did it first!” as they got to the challenge.

“Jeff, let me tell you one thing,” Bhanu Gopal from Q’s tribe chimed in, “I’m from India, and we want freedom. Gandhi was on a hunger strike and he wanted freedom for India. Hunger is not closest to my mind. What we are hungry for is the challenge and to win the Idol today.”

Who won the second Survivor 46 Immunity Challenge?

An obstacle course led to a large blocked puzzle where the tribes had to elevate the letters like a bridge. Each tribe struggled to keep their pieces up, making it possible for anyone to win the challenge.

The puzzle got pretty intense, with Nami emerging as the winner. Again. Siga finished second, granting themselves safety from the Tribal Council.

Yanu lost again and people became very upset at Jessica “Jess” Chong during the challenge. Yanu was heading to another Tribal Council.

Who got voted off the island on Survivor 46, Episode 2?

Yanu decided as a tribe that the game was over for Jess. Kenzie Petty worked with Tiffany Erwin and Q to create a fake Immunity Idol and get Jess to find it.

Kenzie made the Immunity Idol and Tiffany led Jess into the jungle to ensure she found it. They claimed to be doing it so Jess wouldn’t use her Shot in the Dark.

Jess didn’t find it, so Q took the fake Idol and went to Jess, pretending to be her friend and that he was saving her by giving her his Immunity Idol. Later, when she had questions about it being real, Q acted offended that she would even ask him.

Jess was also pressured into using the fake Immunity Idol at the Tribal Council. But Jeff told her it was fake as Q and Kenzie laughed at her.

By a vote of 4-1, Jessica Chong was voted off Survivor 46.

Elsewhere, Jelinsky said Q wanted to quit the Sweat Challenge first. He also talked about the rules of that bucket challenge in a new interview.

Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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