Who got voted off Survivor last night?

Jeff Probst Is Survivor Host
Jeff Probst has returned as the host for Survivor Season 46. Pic credit: ©

Survivor 46 brought the drama on Wednesday night.

Jeff Probst welcomed the 18 new castaways to Fiji. He noted how the seas were rough as the players came in, and the first challenge happened on that beach.

An obstacle course and a heavy puzzle awaited the players, with flint and safety from the second challenge on the line.

The Nami Tribe won the first challenge, earning their camp supplies first. They also relaxed while the other tribes completed the Sweat and Savvy Challenges.

The Nami Tribe members are Soda Thompson, Hunter McKnight, Tevin Davis, Liz Wilcox, Randen Montalvo, and Venus Vafa. They wear orange.

Here are the names and bios for all 18 Survivor 46 castaways.

Sweat or Savvy Challenges on the first day of Survivor 46

The Yanu Tribe (purple) had to complete the Sweat Challenge. Its members are David “Jelinsky” Jelinsky, Kenzie Veurink, Bhanu Gopal, Tiffany Ervin, Q Burdette, and Jessica “Jess” Chong.

Q and Jelinsky had to run buckets of water from the ocean to two large urns. Their buckets had holes in them, making it even more difficult. Q tried to push through the challenge, even as Jelinsky kept sitting down for rest.

Jelinsky quit on the challenge, even though they had hours left. He grabbed the hourglass timer and threw it across the beach – breaking it into many pieces. Q couldn’t believe what he just saw.

The Siga Tribe (green) had to complete the Savvy Challenge. Its members are Moriah Gaynor, Tim Spicer, Maria Gonzalez, Charlie Davis, Jem Hussain-Adams, and Ben Katzman.

Charlie and Ben stepped up to complete the challenge. They had to solve a puzzle to open a locked box.

No pot, machete, or flint were earned by Siga as Charlie and Ben failed to solve the challenge.

At Nami, Sodasia “Soda” Thompson took charge, starting the first fire for the tribe.

The first Journey for Survivor 46 castaways

A trio of players went on the first Journey when they had to pick people on Day 2. Yanu chose Jelinsky, Siga went with Maria, and Nami picked Tevin.

Their Journey led to a beach, where they each drew a card. The task was to convince the torch cardholder that they were holding the vote card. Jelinsky became overwhelmed and quickly quit this challenge – losing his vote at an upcoming Immunity Challenge. Maria and Tevin gained an Extra Vote Advantage.

Who won the first Immunity Challenge?

The tribes had to race up a ramp and untie a large 500-pound gecko. It had to be dragged through an obstacle course, where puzzle pieces were unlocked.

Nami and Siga won Immunity. Yanu would meet Jeff at the Tribal Council to vote out a member.

Who was voted off Survivor on the season premiere?

Yanu was the first tribe to see the new voting booth at the Tribal Council. Since it was the first episode, a lengthy discussion was had about what to do.

Q spoke about how displeased he was when Jelinsky quit the Sweat Challenge. It shifted the vibe of the entire Tribal Council. That was coupled with Jelinsky losing his vote on the Journey.

Jelinsky was unanimously voted off Survivor on a 5-0 vote.

More from Survivor 46

Here is the Survivor 46 episode schedule. Previous episodes are also available for streaming on Paramount+.

Jeff Probst also addressed bad news about the Survivor auction.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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