Survivor 46 voting booth undergoes massive change and some fans hate it

Survivor 46 Castaway
Randen Montalvo is part of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 will introduce more than a cast of new players.

An image of the new voting booth is also creating social media buzz.

At each Tribal Council, castaways go to the voting booth to secretly place their votes.

People who lost their votes pretended they were voting in more recent seasons.

Everyone will have even more privacy to do so, and the voting booth is now well-lit.

But maybe the extra lighting was only intended for host Jeff Probst, and it gets toned down on episodes.

The new Survivor 46 voting booth

Below is an image going around social media of what is allegedly the Survivor 46 voting booth. We see host Jeff Probst excitedly speaking to the camera and likely priming the audience for a new season.

It’s a different look in the past and a departure from making sure it looks like an on-location shot, not just a set.

“I’m obsessed with Survivor 46’s voting booth,” wrote a user who shared the photo.

Many Survivor fans hate the new voting booth

While some Survivor fans have expressed excitement about the new voting booth, many others outright hate it.

“I know this is niche, but this is way too well-lit. #Survivor46,” wrote one fan.

Another fan responded to them, writing, “No I just hate this. I just know they’re making it secluded so they can throw in so many gimmicks in the voting booth Fml fml fml there better be an idol in there and some good, consistent voting confessionals.”

“THIS IS SO GAGGY OMG,” wrote another fan.

“And right past the bathroom you’ll find my Survivor voting booth room at the end of the hallway,” responded another Survivor viewer.

More news from Survivor 46

The Survivor 46 cast bios have been released ahead of the new season. It features 18 new players competing for that $1 million prize.

One Survivor 46 castaway spoke about getting a hanger stuck in his eye. And it was one of two noteworthy problems he had with his eyes.

Recent Survivor Sia Award winners got to attend a big party. Sia is a huge Survivor fan and has given out cash prizes to her favorite castaways in recent seasons. Some of them even got to enjoy a fun party in Los Angeles.

As a reminder, the Survivor 46 season premiere airs on Wednesday, February 28 at 8/7c. It is a two-hour installment on CBS, giving fans bonus coverage to start the new campaign.

Survivor 46 debuts on February 28 on CBS.

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