Survivor alums party with uber-fan Sia in Los Angeles images

Jake from Survivor 45
Jake O’Kane was part of the Survivor 45 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Sia is a huge fan of Survivor and loves celebrating her favorite players.

The singer of The Greatest, Cheap Thrills, and Elastic Heart also awards cash prizes to players she enjoys on the show.

Following the Survivor 45 season, Sia gave out three cash prizes to cast members. Rewarding players is something she loves doing. It also leads to more than just the winner being recognized.

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Some players who have received the Survivor Sia Award include Aurora McCreary from Edge of Extinction, Elaine Stott from Island of the Idols, and Owen Knight from Survivor 43 (in Fiji).

Fans routinely debate which players will or should receive Sia’s admiration in a given season.

Katurah Topps received $100,000 from Sia after appearing on Survivor 45.

Kaleb Gebrewold and Jake O’Kane each received $15,000 from Sia after Survivor 45.

Sia parties with Survivor 45 alums

Katurah Topps, Jake O’Kane, and Kaleb Gebrewold recently got to party with Sia.

“When @Sia says you’re her fave Survivor player.. and invites you to spend the day with her in LA.. you GO!!” wrote Katurah on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Katurah also shared an image that featured herself, Jake, Sia, and Kaleb. It was like a Survivor 45 reunion for people Sia was cheering on.

Katurah also returned to share another photo, writing, “and of course I was Doing The Most.”

Jake shared the same picture on his Instagram page, where he wrote about the experience.

“We’re Sia’s Survivor favorites… of COURSE we spent the day with her feeling all the L O V E !” Jake began his caption.

“There’s so much more I have to say about this day, but for now I’ll just state it was iterally one of the most memorable days of my life. Thank you eternally @siamusic 💕,” Jake elaborated.

Survivor 44 alums also celebrate with Sia

Sia also invited her favorite Survivor 44 alums to the Los Angeles party.

Carolyn Wiger was awarded $100,000 for her time on Survivor 44. The other Sia award recipients were Carson Garrett and Lauren Harpe.

Lauren and Carson each received $15,000 from Sia and attended the party with Carolyn.

“New friends, old friends. Same great life. Thanks @siamusic,” Carson captioned an Instagram post.

The post below features Carson with Sia and many other photos from the experience.

Carolyn also shared photos on Instagram, calling it her “Sia Era” as she smiled for the camera.

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