Watch Sia award Survivor’s Carolyn Wiger with $100,000

Carolyn Survivor 2023
Survivor 44 castaway Carolyn Wiger plays the game her own way. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 44 cast members received the Sia Award after the season finale aired on CBS.

Each season, singer Sia watches new seasons of Survivor and cheers for her favorite players.

Then she rewards them with cash prizes after the winner has been revealed.

On Wednesday night, Yam Yam Arocho won Survivor 44. The outcome was a surprise to many fans.

Yam Yam got a nice $1 million prize for winning over the Survivor jury.

Fans of Carolyn Wiger didn’t have to wait long to find out that she was also a winner this year.

Sia announces her Survivor prize winners

In the video below, Carolyn is giving a post-show interview when Sia drops in to surprise her.

As soon as Sia joined the chat, Carolyn began shedding tears of excitement.

Sia talked about how much she loved Carolyn and how much she related to Carolyn’s story.

Sia also said that Carolyn was her favorite player in “forever” as she continued saying great things about the Survivor player.

As Carolyn finally found her words, Sia let her know that she was giving Carolyn and her son $100,000 for making the season so enjoyable.

More Sia Award winners from Survivor 44

Sia also gave cash prizes to other members of the Survivor 44 cast.

Carson Garrett and Lauren Harpe each received $15,000 from the singer.

This means everyone in the final five from this season has emerged with cash prizes for their efforts.

In addition to Yam Yam winning the $1 million prize, Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt won $100,000 for finishing second.

Carson shared the video below, where Sia popped into his interview and talked to him about the prize. Sia also noted that she was paying the taxes on the gift so that Carson wouldn’t have to.

The full Carolyn Wiger post-show interview

Carolyn’s full interview from after the season finale is worth listening to.

In it, she speaks about how she played the game and reacted to how everything turned out.

Everyone who enjoyed watching Carolyn play Survivor 44 should check out this interview.

That’s officially a wrap on Season 44. It’s now time to focus on the new installment for Fall 2023.

A full Survivor 45 cast list was leaked, letting fans check out the bios of the new players.

It might surprise some viewers that the new cast has a returning player.

And this new season will feature 90-minute episodes that air in the fall.

Survivor 44 is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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Beverly Gardner
Beverly Gardner
8 months ago

I love Carolyn. I really thought she was the winner. I’m so happy for her to receive this reward.

Cindy Stevens
Cindy Stevens
8 months ago

I think if your going to let one survivor return it should be the whole cast that didn’t win return to compete for a second try. one that has done it before is not fair to the others.

Lisa Apfelbaum
Lisa Apfelbaum
8 months ago

Wow that is so great si happy that Carolyn received such a special girl well deserved I loved her