Who won Survivor 44?

Jeff Probst Survivor 44
Jeff Probst will soon reveal the Survivor 45 winner. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 44 winner was revealed on Wednesday night.

A three-hour season finale featured the castaways going from a final five down to a final three. Then the jury took over.

Carson Garrett won the final five Immunity Challenge, guaranteeing himself a spot in the final four.

As the winner of that challenge, he also got a reward. Carson selected Yam Yam Arocho to go with him, and they could talk strategy about the endgame.

While Yam Yam was worried about Carolyn Wiger, Carson was fixed on getting Lauren Harpe out of the game.

At the final Tribal Council of the season, Lauren was voted out 3-1-1, with Carson, Carolyn, and Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt casting votes against Lauren.

Who won the final Immunity Challenge and the Fire-Making Challenge?

Heidi won the last Immunity Challenge. She then gave Carolyn safety and a spot in the final three.

This meant that Carson and Yam Yam had to compete at building a fire to decide the last person in the final three. Or did it?

Heidi then announced that she would be battling Carson in the Fire-Making Challenge to earn her spot at the end.

By Heidi putting herself at risk, Yam Yam joined Carolyn as the first two members of the final three.

Heidi won the Fire-Making Challenge, sending himself to the end with Yam Yam and Carolyn. It meant that Carson finished in fourth place and became a member of the Survivor 44 jury.

Who won Survivor 44?

Yam Yam, Carolyn, and Heidi talked to the jury about their games and argued their cases for winning the $1 million prize.

It was then time for the eight members of the Survivor 44 jury to decide on a winner.

In another landslide vote, Yam Yam won Survivor 44 by a vote of 7-1 over Heidi.

Carolyn didn’t get any votes.

It’s worth mentioning that Jeff Probst says he loves the After Show that is done in Fiji, even though it has replaced the Reunion Show.

That’s a wrap on Survivor Season 44, but more action is coming soon.

A Survivor 45 cast leak took place. It provides a way to see the 18 players featured in the new season.

And a bonus is those new episodes of Survivor will be longer in the fall as CBS looks to fill up some primetime slots.

CBS will release more information about the new season as it gets closer. It takes place in Fiji and features a returning castaway.

Survivor 44 airs in the fall of 2023 on CBS.

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