Survivor 46 castaway had a metal hanger stuck in their eye

Tim from Survivor 46
Tim Spicer is part of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A Survivor 46 cast member has had some troubles with his eyes.

College coach Tim Spicer revealed some eye-opening stories in the run-up to the new Survivor season – pun intended.

Tim’s hometown is Arlington, Virginia, but he now resides in Atlanta, GA.

Survivor castaways talk about themselves in bios that get released each season. Tim called himself goal-oriented, a charismatic team player, and a strategic thinker.

On paper, Tim seems like someone who could be a true contender for that $1 million prize. But the game isn’t played on paper, so we will see how he did in Fiji.

As a reminder, the new season begins on Wednesday, February 28. Here is a link to the full Survivor 46 cast, featuring 18 new players.

Tim Spicer shares (gross?) stories about his eyes ahead of Survivor 46

Tim was asked to share something we would never know about him just by looking at him. That’s when he shared stories about his eyes.

“I’ve had two eye incidents during my lifetime,” Tim began his answer.

“During my childhood, I got a metal hanger stuck in my eye after jumping off a table (everything’s fine, I lived to see another day),” Tim revealed.

“Years later, after watching my aunt administer eye drops, I too gave it a try. However, I picked up the nail glue instead of the Clear Eyes. I glued my left eye shut, which remained closed for two weeks. The doctor said it would dissolve and open eventually (everything’s fine, I lived to see another day),” Tim added to his answer.

Hopefully, the producers allowed Tim to wear goggles while playing Survivor in Fiji!

More from Survivor 46 cast member Tim Spicer

Many Survivor fans are picking Tim as the person they feel could win Season 46.

Tim’s bio has interesting anecdotes leading fans down that road. Tim listed “dating my wife” as one of his favorite hobbies. His other favorite hobbies are watching Survivor and exercising daily.

The 31-year-old said he wanted to play the game like Shamar Thomas. Shamar was on Survivor: Caramoan. Tim also claims to be a good listener – something valuable on Survivor.

Survivor producers have been sharing audition tapes for the Season 46 players, and Tim’s tape is shared below.

As a reminder, Survivor 46 arrives on Wednesday, February 28.

Recent Survivor Sia Award winners got to attend a big party. The singer is a huge Survivor fan and gives out cash prizes to her favorite players.

They got to meet Sia in Los Angeles, and it also served as a mini-Survivor reunion for some players.

Survivor 46 debuts on February 28 on CBS.

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