Survivor fans are very upset with how Jess was treated by her tribe

Jess Chong Survivor
Jessica Chong was a castaway on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

It was a rough episode of Survivor for Jess.

Jessica “Jess” Chong was a member of the Yanu Tribe until they voted her out on the latest episode.

It was a tribe of dysfunction from early on, with the team unable to complete a Sweat Challenge and then failing miserably at the first Immunity Challenge.

David “Jelinsky” Jelinsky, Kenzie Veurink, Bhanu Gopal, Tiffany Ervin, Q Burdette, and Jess were in the Yanu Tribe.

Jelinsky got voted off Survivor at the first Tribal Council, knocking the tribe down to just five people for the second episode.

Despite Jelinsky being gone, things did not improve for Yanu. They also lost the second Immunity Challenge, earning them a date with Jeff Probst at the second Tribal Council.

The second episode of Survivor 46 featured her tribe making a fake Immunity Idol to trick Jess into using it.

Yanu Tribe turns on Jess, Survivor fans get frustrated

After losing for the fourth time during a challenge, Yanu Tribe members began conspiring against Jess. This was after Bhanu had yelled at her repeatedly during a challenge.

Tiffany, Kenzie, and Q constructed a plan to create a fake Immunity Idol and get Jess to use it at Tribal Council despite already having the votes to send her home. Kenzie constructed it, and Tiffany led Jess out to find it. But Jess didn’t find it.

Q then took the fake Idol and went to Jess, claiming he was saving her and that she could use it. When she later questioned him about being honest, he acted flabbergasted that she would ever doubt him.

Jess tried to use it at Tribal Council, but when Jeff said it was a fake, the moment drew laughter from Q and Kenzie.

Many viewers watching at home were not pleased with how the trio had treated Jess.

“absolutely zero reason to give jess a fake idol… they had the votes to get rid of her, but they chose to be mean. can’t wait to see this tribe crash and burn,” wrote one Survivor fan.

“Like why were they bullying Jess in a challenge they collectively lost?? #Survivor,” wrote another fan.

“Don’t y’all DARE blame this challenge loss solely on Jess #Survivor #Survivor46,” wrote a fan after the tribe lost another Immunity Challenge.

“And when Yanu loses the next immunity challenge, who are they gonna try to blame now? #survivor #survivor46,” posted a fan who feels Yanu could also lose the next Immunity Challenge.

“Jess deserved better. The fake idol plus the votes – salt in wounds. Mean spirited tribe. #Survivor46 #Survivor,” wrote yet another frustrated fan.

Survivor 46 adjusts to 90-minute episodes

Beginning on March 13, Survivor 46 episodes will shift to 90-minute installments. It was a nice treat to get two-hour episodes to open the season, but now CBS is moving things to introduce The Amazing Race at 9:30/8:30c on Wednesdays.

Jelinsky says Q wanted to quit first in a new interview. Jelinsky was speaking about the Sweat Challenge and explained the unseen rules for that bucket challenge.

Here are the bios and tribes for the Survivor 46 castaways.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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